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How Does Accident Reconstruction Work In Train Accident Cases?

The Importance of Accident Reconstruction Following a Serious Train Accident in Texas All of the evidence in the world can be unpersuasive to a jury or an insurance company without proper context. To give evidence context people with industry-specific knowledge known as expert witnesses are usually employed. One of the most important of these experts...

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How Do Attorneys Preserve Evidence in Train Accident Cases?

The Importance of Securing Evidence Quickly After a Train Accident While most people think of railroads as being a 19th Century means of transportation, rail transport remains an important part of the American infrastructure. Yet, when railroads are not operated safely, accidents can occur. The time shortly after an accident is absolutely crucial to gathering...

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How Do Lawsuits Against Self-Insured Railroads Work?

Because most railroads are self-insured, making any real progress with your claim will be difficult without an attorney. When you're injured or someone you love is killed as a result of a train accident, you're going to have to either file an insurance claim against the railroad and attempt to settle out of court or...

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