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Are Most Rollover Crashes Caused by Defective Cars?

Unquestionably, many rollover crashes are caused by defective and poorly designed automobiles. But are most rollovers caused by defects?

Answer: No, most rollover accidents are not caused by defects, but many are.

Most rollovers are genuinely attributable to driver error. Someone behind the wheel was going too fast or asked the car to make a maneuver it simply couldn't due under the conditions.

But Some Rollover Accidents Are Caused by Vehicle Defects

There are many rollover accidents that are not caused by driver error, and therein lies the difficulty in rollover accident cases.

Think of it like this. If there are 99 airplane crashes that are clearly caused by pilot error, and only 1 out of 100 is caused by a defective airplane, it's easy to see how that one innocent pilot may get unfairly lumped into the same category as the other 99 bad pilots.

The same thing happens to the victims of rollover accidents. A bunch of bad drivers will cause their own injuries, so when an innocent person is hurt because their car was defective, they run the risk of being lumped in with the bad drivers of the world. As you can imagine, that's exactly what the automaker who gets sued will argue to a jury. They'll try to portray it as just another case of driver error.

What You Should Do if You Were Involved in a Rollover Accident

The short answer is that, when you have experienced a rollover accident, you need to take measures to show that you are not one of the bad drivers whose rollover was their own fault. You need to be able to demonstrate that you did nothing wrong and that it was your car, truck, or SUV that failed, causing the accident.

How do you do this? And what if you don't know how your rollover accident occurred?

The easy answer is that you need to hire an attorney. It is our job to investigate your accident and determine whether we can prove that it was the car's fault and not your fault.

This may sound daunting, but we've been investigating these accidents for decades and have the resources to determine how an accident happened. Further, you've got nothing to lose, since you only pay us if we're successful and can win your case.

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