Learn how Grossman Law was able to favorably resolve a first-party dram shop case by leveraging our unique experience. In this case, the client was referred to us by attorney Adam Loewy, who served as co-counsel.

When Austin-based personal injury attorney Adam Lowey was contacted by a mother who lost her daughter in a single-vehicle crash, he thought she might have a first-party dram shop claim, but also had doubts about the claim’s viability.

Candidly, I was kind of skeptical of the claim.

It was a very interesting case. I got a call from [the victim's] mother, and I was aware that you could bring what's called a first-party dram shop case. But I had never done one and, candidly, I was kind of skeptical of the claim…

Attorney Adam Loewy

After further consideration, Adam decided that he needed to tell the mother that, unfortunately, he would not be able to take the case. However, on the very day he made that call, Adam received a letter from our law firm describing our success handling dram shop claims in Texas.

So I send an email and Keith Purdue calls me back in a matter of 10 minutes

It was one of those very weird moments in life where I initially told the mother that I was going to try to find another lawyer, I couldn't find another lawyer, and then I told her that I was not be able to help her. And she then called me back and no joke on the day she called me back I'd gotten a letter from Grossman Law, an advertising letter that said, if you've got a dram chop case, give us a call. So I get the call from the mother. I'm looking at this letter and I think, you know, it's worth an email. So I send an email and Keith Purdue calls me back in a matter of 10 minutes. I tell him about the case. And the next thing I know he's down here, signing it up.

Attorney Adam Loewy

Adam’s biggest concern with referring his client’s case to us is one that’s shared by almost every attorney – that we wouldn’t deliver the same level of client communication, and ultimately satisfaction, that he has built his own reputation on. 

We understand this concern because we sometimes must refer cases to other attorneys or law firms when a case is outside our wheelhouse. In these situations, we are placing our reputation in the hands of the other attorney, which can be a risky proposition. We’re glad that we were able to put Adam’s concerns to rest by delivering a positive client experience.

I'm very particular on lawyers that I'll refer cases to

...the occasional time I'll get a call back from a client saying “you sent me to this lawyer and I haven't talked to them…they aren't good”. So I'm very paranoid about that. Grossman Law is exceptional. They stayed in touch with the client. They stayed in touch with me, the client, and subsequent clients I've sent to them like them a lot. Their philosophy on client communication mirrors mine, and that is to be available; be available to talk to the client. If the client wants to meet, they will meet with them. They came down once to meet with the client in this case because the client was concerned about something, and it got handled very well. So I think they run their firm very well. I think they're very professional and I think they're great lawyers.

Attorney Adam Loewy

The greatest compliment we can hope to receive from a fellow attorney is that we made the client feel comfortable and well-represented.

At Grossman Law, we take a great deal of pride in our reputation of being among the best trial lawyers in the state, especially in cases involving dram shop claims. We are thrilled to have been able to live up to Adam's expectations in this case.

I think they're the best dram shop firm in Texas and probably one of the best in America

Their knowledge of dram shop law is incredible and their knowledge of what it takes to move an insurance company in one of these cases is also incredible. These are very difficult cases. There's some very bad case law out there about them. And they have this ability where they know the case law backward and forwards. They know the right experts, and they can speak the language of the case better than anyone I've ever met, including defense lawyers. So they are the real deal. Their value to these cases is incredible. Again, I truly cannot believe what they were able to settle this case for.

Attorney Adam Loewy


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