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What Kinds of Doctors Treat Paraplegia Injuries?

Do you or a member of your family suffer from a paraplegic injury suffered in a rollover accident?

If you or a family member of yours is affected by paraplegia due to a rollover accident in Texas, you may have several questions. One of those most pressing concerns may involve determining who will take care of the condition. Today, we at Grossman Law Offices would like to discuss the types of doctors who help paraplegics get through life, as well as elaborate on the condition of paraplegia itself.

Types of Doctors Who Treat Paraplegia

Paraplegia is a complex, difficult condition to live with on a daily basis. For that reason, there are many medical professionals involved in the care of a paralyzed person.

  • Neurologists, including specialists of the brain, will diagnose, observe, and treat your condition. If your condition resulted from trauma caused by the rollover, then chances are high that you will meet with this person at least once. They also deal with injuries and disorders of the spine.

  • If the spinal injury is too serious or complicated for a neurologist, chances are high that you will need the services of a spinal cord doctor. Some of these will prescribe special medications to alleviate unusual issues. One of these issues is phantom pain, in which a paraplegic feels phantom pain in areas where he or she should normally feel nothing.

  • Occasionally, paraplegics may need the services of an orthopedic surgeon. Sometimes, the problems associated with the spine cannot be handled by medicine alone, and will demand surgery. If this is the case, then the specialist will be necessary to make sure that the surgical procedures are executed safely and properly. This individual is a person of last resort because surgery of the spin is used only in life-threatening situations.

There are numerous other specialists and medical degree holders who could play a role in your or your loved one's care. Nevertheless, these three usually lead in both time spent caring for paraplegics, as well as cost.

Understanding Paraplegia

To be considered paraplegic, a person must suffer paralysis in the lower portion of his or her body - in other words, the legs. Not to be confused with quadriplegia, which pertains to individuals afflicted by paralysis in the legs and arms, paraplegics are still able to move their hands, write, and do many of the daily activities that require hands, but not standing up or walking. Like quadriplegia, paraplegia typically comes about due to a spinal cord injury, although it is not uncommon for afflicted persons to suffer from congenital conditions alternatively.

Paraplegics, the people who suffer from this illness, will experience physical complications for the rest of their lives. Hence, they will need a strong care network including family members, friends, and the medical professionals listed above. However, while the love and commitment that their friends and family members is free, the care from doctors will take a financial toll on someone. To assure that this financial toll is paid without burden to the victim, a lawsuit must be launched against the guilty parties.

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