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What is my Rollover Accident Case Worth?

How do I determine the value of my accident case?

Car accidents oftentimes result in exceptional financial cost, thereby justifying a lawsuit to recover these damages. However, in rollover accidents, the harm to your physical and emotional well-being is increased exponentially, which in turn will result in exponentially larger financial costs. Therefore, we at Grossman Law Offices would like to evaluate the damages of rollover accidents, giving you an idea of how much your claim is worth.

Valuing a Rollover Accident

In personal injury lawsuits, the value of the claim will be defined by the total of damages incurred; or, in other words, financial losses suffered due to the accident that caused the personal injury. These losses differ from person to person, given that no victim shares the exact same set of injuries and circumstances with another victim. Hence, your attorney will have to do a good job of advocating for the worth of your case, explaining why you deserve the exact amount that you are requesting.

"Injuries" amount to all of the sustained physical harm dealt to you in the rollover accident. They can include as basic issues as bruises and cuts, but for personal injury lawsuits, there would be much more serious problems. Whiplash is a common issue experienced by many rollover victims, as are back injuries. Rollover accidents could also cause serious spinal cord problems, leading to permanent paralysis in the lower and/or upper body. Sometimes, the problems can be in between those two extremes, such as broken bones. At any rate, your physical injuries are worth compensation, and your lawyer must be ready to argue for them.

However, damages do not pertain only to injuries. Because they are defined by financial loss, they also include the various billed costs of a rollover accident. Emergency room bills, auto repairs, and long-term care will all be itemized expenses that can be cited as damages in a rollover case. To that end, your lawyer can also pursue fees over lost wages, deprived job opportunities, and other issues resulting in an inability to earn wages. Finally, intangible, emotional pain and suffering, such as depression caused by a crippling, lifelong disability, is worth damages.

In wrongful death claims, the damages can vary significantly. First, the costs tend to be greater: on top of the bills we mentioned earlier, there could also be death-related costs, such as funeral charges. For this reason, the surviving family members' settlement or judgment could be substantially larger. Also, survival losses depend on the decedent's relation to the surviving family members who are pursuing the case. Was this person your son or daughter? Was this person a spouse, as well as a father or mother of your children? These statuses matter, and will define how the jury views your case. The survival damages are much greater when a dependent loses his or her parent as opposed to a parent losing a child, so even if their love is equal, the jury will view the financial loss to the dependent as being much greater.

Evaluate Your Case with Grossman Law Offices

All of the above add up to a sum total, but can your attorney argue for it all? More importantly, is your attorney capable of advocating for each and every cost that you demand from the liable defendant who caused your rollover injuries? The defense attorneys know that by whittling down a personal injury claim's merits in front of a jury, they can keep their clients from paying sizable sums. Rollover cases may on average lead to far worse injuries than your typical accident, but without the proper representation, you will not see fair compensation proportionate to the injury.

Don't let that happen: call Grossman Law Offices, and we can help you with any concerns you may have, or take on your case right away. Either way, call us at (855) 326-0000 for a free, no-toll consultation, and hold the party responsible for your rollover accident accountable.

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