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What Victims Should Know About Litigating Against Companies Like Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises, based in Omaha, Nebraska is the 16th largest for-hire trucking company in the United States. It operates one of the largest privately-owned fleets of commercial trucks in the country. When a fleet is as large at Werner's is, accidents are sure to follow.

Most folks assume that trucking companies who cause an accident will step up to the plate and make the victims whole, but the truth is that most trucking companies will only do so on their terms, which in the vast majority of incidents are not even in the same ballpark as what victims feel is acceptable. In short, litigating against trucking companies, like Werner Enterprises, is much more complex than most people realize.

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Werner Enterprises Quick Facts
Accident statistics per Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

A Look at Werner Enterprises

Werner Enterprises is made up of three major divisions in North and Central America, which are coordinated out of Werner's corporate headquarters in Omaha, Nebraska. These are the Dry Van Division, the Flatbed Division, and the Temperature Controlled Division.

As of 2016, Werner reported total revenues of $2 billion, which should help give you some idea just how well funded Werner's attorneys are when it comes to litigation.

Werner's fleet is comparable in size to most other big trucking companies' fleets, with 9,784 trucks operated by 9,795 drivers operating throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada. The company has 11,738 total employees and Werner's trucks travel just under 1 billion miles every year.

According to federal government statistics, Werner's drivers have been involved in 1025 accidents between 2016 and 2018. Of those, 24 had at least 1 fatality, while 297 resulted in some sort of injury. That's almost an accident every 2 days where someone is injured or killed.

Those same federal statistics don't account for who is at fault in an accident. So either Werner is the unluckiest truck company in the world, with people always crashing into their vehicles, or some share of those accidents are caused by Werner's drivers.

How We Can Help With Your Lawsuit Against Warner

One thing you can be certain of when you are litigating against Werner is that since they are involved in so many accidents, they are involved in a lot of litigation arising from those accidents. This means that they have teams of lawyers and experts who stand ready to minimize Werner's liability in any accident, and they get a lot of experience. By limiting liability, Werner is able to limit the damages it has to pay out.

Given the number of accidents, a few thousand dollars in payouts or settlements here, a hundred thousand dollars there, or maybe a million dollars over here, can all add up to tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars. Given the highly competitive nature of the truck industry, for many companies the difference between a good year and a bad year is how much money they can avoid paying out in lawsuits.

The seriousness of the injuries that can result from a truck accident means that the medical expenses alone can be absolutely staggering. The money Werner's lawyers save the company from having to pay out on legitimate damage claims for necessary treatments, someone's lost wages, or even compensation for a wrongful death can be significant.

Contrary to what some in media would have you believe, people aren't suing Werner trying to get rich, as if there was an underground sub-culture of people who got into accidents with 18-wheelers as a money making proposition. No one in their right mind, and few people who weren't, would ever be crazy enough to attempt to get into an 18-wheeler accident for money. As lawyers, we see the carnage of 18-wheeler accidents everyday and they can be truly horrific. However, companies like Werner will try and portray victims in exactly that light, like they willingly decided to tangle with an 18-wheeler.

If you were to try to hold Werner responsible on your own, the best that you can probably hope for is an offer of pennies on the dollar for your injuries. If that fails to get you to go away, expect Werner to attempt to bury your lawsuit under an avalanche of expensive motions, paperwork, and expert testimony. Most people simply lack the resources to compete against a $2 billion dollar giant. That is why the assistance of a experienced truck accident attorney is vital to successfully pursuing your claim. When a large trucking company, like Werner, tries to flex its financial muscles, Grossman Law Offices has the resources to push back.

How Can Grossman Law Offices Help?

Grossman Law Offices has helped literally hundreds of victims of trucks accidents, involving companies like Werner Enterprises, successfully pursue, win, and maximize their claims. The reason we have stayed in business for close to 30 years is that we get results. Most firms who claim to be experts in truck accident law handle maybe one or two cases a year; we handle dozens. That experience, in Texas, and throughout the nation gives us a familiarity with truck accident law and trucking companies that few other firms possess.

If you need a law firm trucking companies like Werner have heard of and know means business fighting for you, give us a call at (855) 326-000. We answer our phones 24/7 and all consultations are free.

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