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Filing a lawsuit against the world's largest retailer can be a challenge. Truck accident attorney Michael Grossman tells you what you can expect.

With the 4th largest private trucking fleet in the country, Walmart is not just the country's largest retailer, but it is also one of its biggest trucking operations. Operating out of distribution centers throughout the country, Walmart's fleets keep its 4000+ retail locations stocked.

Unfortunately, while traversing millions of miles of highway, with countless tons of goods in tow, Walmart is also involved in a fairly substantial number of truck accidents, which result in numerous injuries and quite a few deaths. Most famously, Walmart was involved in 2014 truck accident, which seriously injured actor and comedian Tracy Morgan, while also killing another person in Morgan's vehicle. While Morgan's accident rightly brought badly needed attention to the plight of truck accident victims, his celebrity status obscured the fact that thousands of motorists are injured every year in accidents involving 18-wheelers.

Lost in the coverage of Mr. Morgan's accident was that for the average victim of a truck accident, trucking companies will fight with everything they have to avoid paying the full cost of the victim's damages. The attorneys at Grossman offer this look at what truck accident victims can expect when taking on a company the size of Walmart and how an experienced truck accident attorney can be the difference between an equitable settlement and settling for pennies on the dollar.

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  • How large is Walmart's truck fleet?
  • How many accidents has the Walmart truck fleet been in the past two years?
  • What can you expect when litigating with Walmart?
  • How can an experienced injury attorney, like those at Grossman Law Offices, help maximize your recovery

A look at Walmart

Headquartered out of Bentonville, Arkansas, Walmart has annual revenues just shy of $500 billion as of 2014. For a bit of perspective, if Walmart were its own country it would be the 28th largest economy in world. That means that Walmart is bigger than over 150 countries.

To move its freight from its distribution centers to the local stores, Walmart employs of fleet of 6,400 vehicles, driven by 7,705 drivers. Walmart's truck fleet has been involved in 366 accidents over the past two years, 118 of which have resulted in injuries, while 8 of them have had at least 1 fatality. While not the worst safety record in the industry, Walmart certainly injures a fair number of people in the course of its business.

It would be unfair to suggest that in all of these accidents, it was the Walmart driver who was to blame. At that same time, it would be equally ridiculous to think that Walmart was at fault in none of these accidents. Of course, like for-hire trucking companies, it is very likely that Walmart will not value your injuries and lost wages at anything close to what you have actually sustained. This means that litigation is almost inevitable.

What to expect when litigating with Walmart

Companies that are involved in as many accidents as Walmart generally retain their own counsel. This means that they have lawyers on staff, whose only job is to litigate truck accident cases. As a consequence, Walmart possesses very experienced and competent legal representation.

Another part of the strategy of large companies, like Walmart, is to try to shift as much liability on to the injured driver as possible. In this way they can minimize damage payouts, which if done over hundreds of potential victims' cases adds up to tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars.

Even the Tracy Morgan case took 15 months to resolve in the face of intense media scrutiny and when the facts clearly showed that all of the blame likely rested with the Walmart driver. If Walmart fights that hard with someone who has the resources to go through a long legal struggle, and is represented by an experienced truck accident attorney, one can can get a sense of how hard they push when it is an average Joe who has been injured by a Walmart truck driver.

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Sadly, too many people assume that just because they were injured that a company such as Walmart will pay for those injuries. They will certainly offer to pay for a minute-portion of injuries, to escape liability for all of the damages, but unless you have the expertise to prove your damages in a courtroom, large companies like Walmart are generally indifferent to how much damage they have done to your life.

How do you hold Walmart accountable?

The only way to hold a company the size of Walmart accountable for the injuries they have caused you is by enlisting the help of an experienced truck accident attorney, like those at Grossman Law offices. Our attorneys have the ability and the resources to see your case through to a successful conclusion, which maximizes the amount of damages you can recover.

Over 25 years, in literally hundreds of truck accidents, our award-winning attorneys have represented hundreds of people, from all walks of life, who have been injured in truck accidents. We take on anyone who has injured our client, from the one-man owner-operator all the way to giant multi-national corporations, which are the size of entire countries. The great equalizer is the law, but only if you have the experience to know how to use the law effectively.

If you have questions about your case, or are interested in retaining the services of Grossman Law Offices, call us for a free consultation at (855) 326-0000.

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