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What You Need to Know if You've Been Injured by a United Van Lines Driver

Headquarted out of Fenton, Missouri, United Van Lines is one of the most well-known full service moving companies in the United States. Like its sister company, Mayflower, United Van Lines' core business is household and commercial moving. This means they show up, load up their 18-wheelers with your stuff, and haul it off to wherever you're moving.

On its own, United Van Lines is a good-sized trucking company, and their semi-trucks are a pretty common sight on our roadways. What many people may not know is that United Van Lines is just one part of UniGroup Inc., the 17th largest trucking company in the United States. Both United Van Line's status as a moving company, as well as the fact that they are part of one of the biggest trucking conglomerates in the country, present unique challenges for those injured in crashes with their trucks.

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United Van Lines Quick Facts
Accident statistics per Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

What You Need to Know About United Van Lines

United Van Lines' parent company, UniGroup, had more than $1.7 billion in revenue in 2016. Its United Van Lines subsidiary employs 4,726 drivers and operates 4,874 trucks, who drive almost 129 million miles every year. While this isn't the largest trucking concern by any means, it's certainly a far cry from the majority of trucking companies, which consist of one guy and his truck.

When it comes to driver safety, it should be noted that United Van Lines actually operates a safer fleet than the industry average. However, being safer doesn't mean that wrecks don't occur. Between 2016 and 2018, United Van Lines trucks were involved in 3 fatal accidents, 50 that resulted in injury, and a further 78 where no serious injuries were reported. Now it would be unfair to say that United Van Lines drivers were responsible for all of those accidents, but it would be a miracle if they weren't at fault for any.

As a member of the public, I'm glad to see that United Van Lines does their part to operate in a relatively safe manner, but that's of little comfort to the people whose lives were devastated by the negligence of a United Van Lines driver.

Cases Against United Van Lines are Different

For the majority of trucking companies, they pick up cargo from ports and warehouses, then drive that load to other ports or warehouses. This means that they spend the vast majority of their time on major highways and interstates. These are some of the safest roads in existence, and the accidents that do occur usually result from well-established causes, such as intoxication, driver fatigue, or distracted driving, just to name a few.

On the other hand, United Van Lines has a business model that means large vehicles have to spend a fair bit of their time driving on small residential roads that weren't designed for such traffic. So while most truck drivers have to be mindful of other vehicles, United Van Lines trucks regularly travel near homes, playgrounds, and schools, where children may be at play. Given the poor sight lines on commercial trucks and increased braking distance, drivers for the company have to be on the lookout for kids and drive with even more caution than the typical trucker.

Unique fact situations make for unique legal situations. While we often determine what happened in highway accidents based upon forensic experts and accident reconstructionists, eyewitness testimony and private surveillance is even more important when a collision takes place in a neighborhood.

Grossman Law Offices' Experience Can Help

There's no such thing as a simple fatal truck accident or truck accident injury case. This is especially true when the accused wrong-doer is a multi-billion dollar company like Unicorp Inc., the parent company of United Van Lines. Unlike smaller outfits, these guys have the resources to hire whatever lawyers and experts they need to present the facts of any crash in the light most favorable to their interests. The good of the company rarely aligns with what's best for those who are injured or have lost a loved one due to a United Van Lines driver.

At Grossman Law Offices, we've spent almost 30 years looking out for the best interests of trucking wreck victims. In that time, we've taken on every variety of trucking company whose negligence injured or killed someone, from the biggest players in the industry to small owner-operators. While personal injury cases involving commercial vehicles share many similarities, the details of the accident, as well as the company involved, combine to make sure that no two cases are exactly the same.

If you need help after a collision with a United Van Lines truck, don't hesitate to call us as at (855) 326-0000 (toll free) for a free and confidential consultation. We answer the phone 24/7, every day of the year.

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