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What you need to know if you've been injured in an accident with a Sysco truck

While there are enough Sysco trucks on the road that one could be forgiven for thinking that Sysco is a for-hire trucking company like UPS, JB Hunt, or YRC, Sysco actually operates its own private fleet of trucks to supply perishable and non-perishable goods to our nation's food industry. It is estimated that Sysco operates the second-largest private trucking fleet in the nation, behind only Pepsico. Any way you measure it, Sysco is an enormous company.

Sadly, Sysco engages in several practices, which obscure its safety data, making it difficult to monitor their safety record via publicly-available government records. Furthermore, if you are the victim of negligence by a Sysco driver, you can be certain that you will be in for a long, protracted fight as you attempt to recover the full amount of your damages.

As part of its food distribution strategy, Sysco leverages its size and employs economies of scale to keep costs down for restaurants around the country. Unfortunately, economies of scale can also be employed when Sysco is dealing with motorists injured by negligent Sysco drivers. This means that any money they can save, by denying your rightful injury claims, is money that goes back into the business and keeps their food prices low.

With a company the size of Sysco, those "savings" can literally add up to tens or hundreds of millions of dollars. For their victims, those "savings" represent lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering that is never fully compensated. Without representation from an experienced truck accident attorney, like Michael Grossman, holding Sysco accountable can be nearly impossible.

Questions answered on this page:

  • Who is Sysco?
  • How does Sysco organize itself to minimize its losses?
  • Why is it so difficult for the public to obtain accurate crash statistics about Sysco?
  • How can an experience injury attorney help bolster your injury compensation claim?

An Overview of Sysco

Sysco is a Houston, Texas-based company with annual revenue in excess of $48 billion. Sysco operates throughout the United States, Canada, and Ireland. With a fleet estimated at over 8,000 trucks, nationwide, Sysco has one of the largest private fleets on the planet. Those trucks operate from over 170 distribution centers located throughout the United Sates and Canada.

One of the big problems with Sysco is its apparent lack of transparency. Where one can easily look up the safety records of companies like UPS, FedEx, or JB Hunt, Sysco structures the company into many regional LLCs. This makes it very difficult to determine the exact size of the fleet, number of drivers, and most importantly the number of accidents and accident victims.

We don't suggest that the company is organized this way to obscure safety data, most likely the reasons are financial, but one of the the unfortunate side-effects is that it is difficult for an outsider to scrutinize Sysco's safety record.

Obstacles to pursuing an injury claim against Sysco

Obscure safety records aside, given the size of the fleet, Sysco trucks are almost certainly involved in a number of serious commercial truck accidents. The victims of those accidents will rightly seek recompense for those accidents and run into a particularly difficult opponent.

Given that Sysco is broken into many separate regional sub-units, that structure can be used to shield other parts of the company from liability. However, unlike most similarly sized companies, these sub-units have the backing of a multi-billion dollar multi-national corporation. In some ways Sysco combines the worst aspects of seeking to recover from a small company, with the headaches of trying to take on a giant one.

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Another wrinkle to Sysco's organization is that is allows them to keep the minimum amount of insurance allowable under the law in which each of the sub-units operates. For instance, a state like Iowa has no additional insurance requirement beyond the federally mandated $750,000. On the other hand Texas and many other states require and additional $250,000 in coverage, which brings the total insurance up to $1,000,000. This means that depending on where your accident occurred, the pool of money available to you to recover from could be significantly smaller than it would otherwise be in other states.

Regardless, companies of Sysco's size generally will do whatever it takes to avoid paying out the full cost of your injuries. If you're willing to take pennies on the dollar for you injuries, it is quite likely they will offer you a settlement, but if you are seeking anything close to what you are actually entitled to under the law, then most likely Sysco will fight you every step of the way. With Sysco's vast resources, they can hire their own lawyers and not rely on whomever their insurance company picks to represent them. As big as Sysco is, you can be certain that their defense attorneys get lots of practice and are skilled litigators.

Why you need an experienced truck accident attorney

The only way to combat skill, is with skill. The only way to beat a company with deep pockets, is with resources of your own. Unfortunately, the injuries in most truck accident cases, coupled with lost wages take such a financial toll on most families that they no longer possess these things. That is one of the reasons that Grossman Law Offices never charges any of our clients a penny, unless we recover.

Our founder, Michael Grossman believes that litigation is a partnership, where injured victims bring their rightful claims and the firm supplies the necessary legal expertise and financial resources to see a case to a successful conclusion. This belief has served hundreds of truck accident victims well over the last 25 years, allowing them to maximize their recovery with no out-of-pocket expenditure. Michael Grossman never shrinks from a fight when it involves his clients. Certainly, a company like Sysco has a lot of resources, which it can use to bully unrepresented injury victims, inside and outside of the courtroom, but Grossman Law offices has the skill and resources to fight back for our clients.

If you have been injured by a negligent Sysco driver, don't try and take on a $45 billion dollar company alone, call Grossman Law Offices for a free consultation, at (855) 326-000. We're ready to help and we answer the phone 24/7.

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