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Holding Schneider National Trucking Accountable for Your Injuries Is No Easy Task

Perhaps the biggest mistake our attorneys see injury victims make is assuming that a commercial truck accident is just a car accident on a bigger scale. It's not their fault, but victims assume that, if they make a good-faith effort to go through the claims process, they will eventually be taken care of. By the time most people realize that that isn't the case, they're frustrated by a feeling that they're being taken advantage of. When they finally do get an offer, most people are shocked that it likely doesn't even put a dent in their massive medical bills and other losses.

While there is a world of difference between a regular car crash and a commercial wreck, an equally drastic difference exists between a typical truck accident case and one against an industry giant, like Schneider National. This difference adds complexity and makes things much harder for those who have been injured or killed by a Schneider driver's negligence. In this article, we'll go over some of the factors that make getting a fair deal from a giant trucking company so difficult and how you can level the playing field.

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  • Why is getting a fair deal from a giant trucking company so difficult?

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Accident statistics per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

A Quick Look at Schneider National

Schneider National Carriers, based in Green Bay, Wisconsin, is the 6th largest trucking company in the United States, with annual revenues in excess of $4 billion. Schneider National operates a fleet of 12,641 trucks and employs 13,600 drivers, who traverse nearly 1.2 billion miles in a year. The company is truly mammoth in scale.

From 2016-2018, Schneider National trucks were involved in 38 fatal crashes, 264 injury wrecks, and 1041 total collisions. It's important to note that these numbers (which come from a federal government database) don't indicate whether or not Schneider drivers are at fault for these incidents. However, given the number of crashes, it strains belief to think that Schneider drivers didn't cause some portion.

One aspect of having so many accidents is that it provides Schneider National ample opportunity to defend themselves against allegations that they're to blame for a particular crash. While it's rare for individuals to be involved in more than one commercial truck accident in their lives, on average, Schneider National has to deal with a truck crash roughly every 17 hours. Simply put, while most people injured in a commercial truck accident have no idea how to resolve their situation favorably, Schneider knows exactly what to do to protect its interests.

Obstacles to Getting a Fair Deal from an Enormous Trucking Company

While most people are familiar with the stereotype of the giant, faceless corporation exploiting the little guy for the sake of profit, this caricature doesn't accurately convey why taking on a multi-billion dollar enterprise is so difficult. Obviously, very large trucking companies have more resources with which to defend themselves than smaller operations, but they also have far more financial exposure when things don't go their way.

For most small trucking companies, they lack assets beyond the value of their insurance policy. In Texas, this is typically a $1 million commercial insurance policy. Now with that amount of money, the insurance company is going to kick like a mule to pay for as little of the damage that their insured caused as is possible. For enormous trucking companies, their assets almost always exceed the value of their insurance policy. That means in most crashes, insurance will pay for the damages that their drivers caused, but in truly catastrophic wrecks, with multi-million dollar injuries or deaths, the rest of what they owe comes out of the company's bottom line.

With so much on the line, it's not a sense of greed that leads a trucking company to make things so difficult for the families of those they kill or the people that they injure, it's self-preservation. With such a large downside, money spent on the best defense attorneys, expert witnesses, and private investigators is a prudent investment in the company's continued survival.

While this makes a victim's road to recovery more difficult, it doesn't make it impossible.

How Grossman Law Offices Can Help

While size and resources can help a company in litigation, once they step inside the courtroom, that all amounts to fancy packaging of their side of the story. Inside a courtroom, the two most important things are the evidence and the people in the jury box. That's as level a playing field as there is in our society. Victims only need the truth on their side, evidence to demonstrate that truth, and someone who knows how to present this information to a jury, in order to slay even the biggest giant.

Over nearly 3 decades and up to this day, Grossman Law Offices brings our skills, experience, and resources to the aid of the injured and those who have lost loved ones due to trucking company negligence. While our clients almost invariably are going through the process for the first time, we've handled hundreds of commercial truck accident cases against trucking companies of all sizes. No firm is too big or too small to be brought to account when their carelessness injures one of our clients.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one due to the careless behavior of a commercial truck driver, call Grossman Law Offices today at (855) 326-0000. Any consultations are free and we look forward to answering your questions and discussing how our experienced truck accident injury attorneys can help you. We answer the phone anytime, day or night.

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