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Have You Been Injured in a Crash with a Saia Truck?

While, as many people might know, Saia isn't the largest trucking company in the country (or even close), it doesn't mean that they don't have significant assets with which to defend themselves. With more than $1 billion in annual revenue, Saia has the means to mount a vigorous defense to protect their interests, and with only $48 million in profit, Saia has an even stronger incentive to pursue an aggressive defense strategy.

While most people are honest and would never dream of pursuing a claim in bad faith against a trucking company, the law is still set up to protect companies from unreasonable claims. Many people who are injured by trucking companies, such as Saia, are surprised to learn that instead of making things right, trucking companies generally assume that injury victims are trying to take advantage of them. For someone who has been injured or lost a loved one, it's particularly difficult when the company that caused their tragedy begins to act like they're the victim.

Holding a trucking company accountable is never easy, but with the right help, it's not impossible. For nearly 30 years, Grossman Law Offices has provided that help to the injured and the loved ones of the deceased. Here's just a bit of what we've learned in that time about using the legal process to make reluctant trucking companies do the right thing.

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Saia Inc Quick Facts
Crash statistics from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Saia Inc. at a Glance

Johns Creek, Georgia-based Saia Inc. is the 28th largest trucking company in the United States. While that may not sound particularly impressive, Saia still possesses a fleet of over 3,700 trucks and employs more than 4,300 drivers. It probably says something about the scale of the trucking industry that even a big, but certainly not top dog, trucking company still has that many vehicles on the road.

In the most recent year for which data is available, Saia drivers traversed more than 330 million miles. That's the equivalent of driving around the earth roughly 13,200 times.

Anytime trucks spend that much time on the road, there are bound to be crashes. Between 2016 and 2018, Saia drivers were involved in 256 collisions. Of that number, 10 resulted in at least one fatality and another 82 had reports of one or more injuries. This may not sound like a lot, but on a per mile basis, it's more than better known trucking companies like FedEx.

Certainly, some of that difference can be attributed to the different kind of trucking that Saia does (less-than-truckload general freight) compared to a parcel carrier like FedEx, and government crash data lists all collisions, whether a Saia driver caused them or not. However, it would be silly to suggest that Saia drivers were just in the wrong place at the wrong time on 256 different occasions.

It's just common sense that a portion of these accidents resulted from negligent behavior on the part of an Saia driver. When this is the case, it opens up legal avenues for victims of truck driver negligence to recoup their losses. Helping victims navigate those avenues successfully is what Grossman Law Offices has done for nearly 3 decades.

Companies with Small Profit Margins, like Saia, Present Unique Legal Challenges

Saia operates on a very tight profit margin in recent years. While the company has $1.2 billion in revenue, only $48 million dollars is left over in profit, once all the bills, taxes, and other expenses connected to their operations are paid. While trucking companies do budget a certain amount for the injuries or deaths their drivers cause by purchasing insurance to cover those losses, particularly serious accidents can quickly exceed a minimum limits commercial insurance policy. When that happens, companies have to dip into their profits to pay any remaining legal expenses.

One of the biggest complaints people have in trucking company litigation is that they feel that trucking companies attempt to pay them as little as 25 cents on the dollar for any losses they've incurred due to a truck driver's careless behavior. Most people don't understand why a company won't just pay them fair value for the damages they've incurred. Well, when you look at things in light of how tight profit margins are for most trucking companies, it becomes clear that many companies don't defend themselves vigorously because they're uncaring jerks, but as a matter of survival.

In many instances, the money saved in lawsuits (i.e. money not paid to victims for their losses) might be the only profit that company sees that year. When you look past cliches about greedy corporations, what you often find are businesses that are desperate to survive. While that shouldn't be an injury victim's problem, it usually is. When you have victims who have astronomical medical bills and lost wages, their situation is equally dire. This is a recipe for contentious proceedings, because both sides believe (rightly) that their vital interests are at stake.

Against this backdrop, our laws afford a number of protections to defendants, such as trucking companies accused of injuring someone. The most dangerous mistake that those injured by a trucking company can make is to assume that the law requires the company to make victims whole for their losses. The only thing that compels a trucking company to pay a dime is a jury verdict. Trucking companies know this and tend to play hardball with anyone they believe cannot make that happen. Certainly, this is frustrating for accident victims.

However, with the right help, those who are injured by a negligent truck driver or have lost a loved one don't have to play the trucking company's game.

Here At Grossman Law Offices, We Take The Fight To The Trucking Companies

Holding a trucking company like Saia accountable isn't as simple as making a few phone calls and waiting for them to do the right thing. In almost every instance, trucking companies have to be legally compelled to do the right thing. That requires evidence, negotiating skill, and the credible threat that you'll prevail in court. These are not common skills. Even those who possess such skills are rarely in a position to fully exercise them after a devastating commercial truck accident.

For almost 3 decades, Grossman Law Offices has provided help for people who have been injured or lost a loved one due to a truck driver's negligence. In that time, we've successfully litigated hundreds of truck accident cases. Let us put our skills and experience to work for you. Give us a call at (855) 326-0000. We answer the phone anytime, day or night.

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