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What Victims Need to Know About Litigation Against Jack Cooper Transport

Victims of accidents involving commercial vehicles may think that simply presenting an accurate report of what happened in the crash will be sufficient to obtain fair compensation from the trucking company. The fact is, unless those who've been harmed are able to prove that the driver of the semi-truck involved was at fault, nothing compels their employer to do the right thing.

While every commercial truck accident case involves its own set of challenges and obstacles, when the company involved is experiencing long-term financial difficulties, as appears to be the case for Jack Cooper Transport, their need to avoid the losses that a significant settlement or judgement entails may inspire them to fight claims even harder than they otherwise would. Acclaimed Dallas semi-truck accident attorney Michael Grossman explains.

Questions Answered on This Page:

  • What is Jack Cooper Transport?
  • How many wrecks involving death or injury has the company been involved in?
  • How could the company's financial situation affect their approach to litigation?

Crash data compiled by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

What is Jack Cooper Transport?

Jack Cooper Transport is the primary operating division of holding company Jack Cooper Holdings, currently the 54th largest commercial transport company in the US. It specializes in hauling passenger cars, primarily from manufacturing facilities to car dealerships. The parent company's revenues for 2017 were approximately $600 million, down around $200 million from its revenues three years prior. Its net income that year was around $75 million.

Jack Cooper Transport's roughly 1,700 car haulers are operated by a crew of 1,400 drivers, who together traveled just over 100 million miles in 2017. Over the last two years, federal government data shows the company's vehicles have been involved in 133 collisions, of which 30 have resulted in injuries and 4 have led to fatalities.

It is important to note, however, that this data isn't able to tell us who was at fault for any of these crashes. While it's impossible to determine exactly how many, the sheer number of wrecks means it's virtually certain that at least some of the total number can be blamed on a Jack Cooper employee's negligence.

One thing you may have noticed from the above summary is the significant decline in Jack Cooper's revenues over the past few years, leading it to drop from 37th to 54th largest transport company in a major industry ranking. Anytime, a company falls that far, that fast, it signals trouble. But Jack Cooper's troubled financial situation isn't just a concern for their upper management and investors; it could also affect their approach to personal injury claims.

How Could Jack Cooper's Troubled Financial Situation Impact Your Case?

When money is tight, everyone gets a little desperate, even businesses. A company in prolonged financial difficulty, as Jack Cooper Transport appears to be, is likely to view any payout substantial enough to cover victims' losses as a threat to its very survival, and to fight any claims against them accordingly.

While it's difficult to know for sure, the recent decline in Jack Cooper's fortunes may be a side effect of significant drops in auto sales over the past few years, from around 8 million units in 2014 to a bit over 6 million in 2017, which has led to a corresponding decline in business for auto haulers across the board, including rival companies like United Road Services.

Whatever the underlying reasons, the results are undeniable. The company's most recent SEC filing shows it to be in debt to the tune of several hundred million dollars, and news reports indicate that it narrowly avoided filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2017. If current trends in auto sales stay on their present course, the fortunes of car haulers like Jack Cooper may well continue to decline.

How does all of this affect you as the victim of a crash involving a Jack Cooper hauler? The most obvious impact is the incentive that financial difficulties can create for a company to fight claims more vigorously. There are a host of ways for them to play hardball if motivated to do so, from trying to attack victims' character to challenging the credibility of treating physicians. When a company's survival is at stake, few legal tactics are beyond the pale.

In order to protect their interests and ensure a fair resolution, it's important for victims to have a attorney in their corner with extensive experience litigating commercial truck accidents, and the knowledge of the trucking industry's economic dynamics that goes with it. In other words, it's not just a matter of hiring a lawyer, but of making sure you hire one qualified to successfully resolve your case.

Why Grossman Law Offices Is Your Best Option To Prevail

The unique issues that civil suits against a financially troubled trucking company can raise are just some of the hundreds that could potentially arise in the course of these incredibly complex matters. That's why it's important to have someone in your corner who's prepared to deal with whatever might come up and put you in the best position to reach a fair resolution.

At Grossman Law Offices, we've successfully litigated commercial truck accident cases for almost thirty years, and we've held companies accountable time after time with compelling evidence, presented convincingly. We've seen and overcome all of the many challenges that can arise during the complicated process of these claims, and we're ready to do the same for you.

If you've suffered injuries or lost a family member in a crash involving a Jack Cooper Transport car hauler, we encourage you to call us at 855-326-0000 to find out how our attorneys can help. We're available 24/7 to answer your questions.

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