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Victims of Crashes Involving IMC Companies Should Be Ready For A Fight

For victims of crashes involving commercial vehicles, obtaining fair compensation from the trucking company responsible can end up being almost as arduous as the process of recovering from their injuries. While it would be nice if these companies could be counted on to do the right thing for those harmed by their employees, their financial interests dictate that they fight as hard as possible to avoid doing so.

Any company faces strong incentives to reduce their costs as much as possible, and since payments stemming from civil suits, unlike other expenses, don't contribute to the company's revenues, executives that fail to curtail them may find their positions in jeopardy. In light of this, it's important that those harmed by the negligence of companies like IMC get the right legal help to make sure their interests are just as well-protected as the company's bottom line. Dallas semi-truck accident attorney Michael Grossman explains this and other considerations relevant for victims.

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  • What is IMC Companies?
  • How many crashes involving injury or death has the company been involved in?
  • What leads companies like IMC to fight claims against them so aggressively?

Crash statistics obtained from public database of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

What is IMC Companies?

Founded in 1982 and based in Memphis, TN, the IMC Companies are comprised of seven subsidiaries, all of which specialize in drayage, the transportation of cargo from container ships at port to rail yards or its final destination. The company generated total revenues of more than $300 million in 2017, making it the 82nd-largest trucking company in the U.S.

IMC's roughly 1,600 tractor-trailers, driven by about the same number of drivers, traveled almost 100 million miles in the most recent year on record. Over the last two years, federal government data indicates that they've been involved in a total of 133 crashes, of which 45 involved some degree of injury and 1 led to at least one person's death.

It's worth noting that this data doesn't show who was at fault for any of these collisions, and some of them were almost certainly caused by factors outside the company's control. However, given the number of wrecks, it's likely that at least some portion of the total were caused by the carelessness of a driver for IMC Companies.

One thing that stands out about IMC is their impressive financial performance. While many other companies are struggling and the industry as a whole faces significant structural problems, IMC has increased their revenues by more than a third over the last four years. While that might lead you to believe it will be easier to obtain fair compensation, in our experience, even a successful company will still put up a strong fight to avoid paying victims fairly.

Why Companies Like IMC Fight Claims So Aggressively

Having litigated suits stemming from commercial vehicle wrecks for decades, our firm is well-acquainted with the havoc they can create for victims and their families. The consequences, both financial and emotional, are often enormous, and while helping those responsible for that suffering can't change what happened, we still do everything we can to hold those who've hurt them accountable, because we know how much is at stake.

However, while we try to empathize as much as possible with our clients' struggles, we also feel it's important, as a matter of legal strategy, to have some understanding of how executives at companies like IMC think. After all, responsibility for the careless acts of the company's drivers ultimately stops in their boardroom, and it's their refusal to do the right thing that makes it necessary to involve the legal system in the first place.

With very rare exceptions, people don't do the wrong thing believing that it's wrong. Instead, they find a way to convince themselves that it's actually right, or at least justifiable, and those running companies like IMC are no exception. When they attempt to avoid paying fair compensation to those injured by their negligent drivers, it isn't out of malice, but to keep their costs as low as possible.

Every company has an obligation to its shareholders to minimize expenses, and executives who aren't able to do so effectively will often find themselves looking for new work elsewhere. Since there isn't much they can do about general costs of doing business like fuel, taxes, and tolls, trying to reduce the expense of legal action against them is an obvious avenue for savings.

Proving a semi-truck driver's fault for a collision requires evidence that can only be gathered through a comprehensive, independent investigation.

After a crash, their attorneys will try to help them achieve this goal in a variety of ways, from shifting as much of the blame as they can to other people or road conditions to arguing that your injuries were largely preexisting or that the doctors who examined you weren't properly qualified to diagnose them. All of these tactics can be resisted, but it takes help from someone with the legal knowledge to do so.

You might think that, when the fault of the commercial driver is obvious, it doesn't matter how a trucking company's attorneys attempt to muddy the waters, because the facts simply aren't on their side. However, because any defendant in a civil suit is assumed to have done nothing wrong until their fault is proven, the burden is on you to do so.

Proving a semi-truck driver's responsibility for a collision requires evidence that can only be gathered through a comprehensive, independent investigation. This should begin with an inspection of the scene, interviews with potential witnesses, and reconstruction of the actual sequence of events by an experienced commercial vehicle crash investigator.

In short, while an evidence-based presentation can convince even the most uncooperative defendant to negotiate in good faith, it's almost impossible for an ordinary person without knowledge of the civil justice system to achieve that goal alone. That's a lesson that too many victims have learned the hard way.

How Grossman Law Offices Can Hold IMC Companies Accountable

The reluctance of trucking companies like IMC to do the right thing for victims can create a variety of obstacles during the long course of a commercial vehicle accident claim. That's why it's important to have the help of a firm prepared for anything that might arise during the process.

At Grossman Law Offices, we know exactly what you're up against when you take on trucking companies and their insurers, because we've been successfully litigating cases against them for almost 30 years. And we don't just take down information from you and go to work: we make sure you're kept in the loop about the progress of your case, every step of the way.

If you've been injured or lost a loved one in a crash involving an IMC Companies tractor-trailer, please call 855-326-0000 to find out how our attorneys can help you. We're here to hear your story whenever you're ready.

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