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Have You Been Injured in an Accident With a Covenant Transport 18-Wheeler?

Over a two year period from 2016-2018, there were 127 injury wrecks and 8 fatal crashes involving the trucks of Covenant Transport Inc. Even if Covenant drivers were only responsible for a faction of these crashes, that's still of a lot of people who suffered due to their driver's negligence who reasonably expect Covenant Transport to make things right.

There's a common perception that, in the aftermath of a serious crash, the insurance company for the driver deemed responsible for the wreck will step in and make things right. Unfortunately, the vast majority of commercial truck crashes don't work out that way. The two most likely outcomes for victims of a negligent truck driver are that they will end up in litigation or have to resign themselves to receiving only a fraction of the help they need to get back on their feet.

Holding a trucking company accountable isn't just about knowing the law. If that were the case, then it really wouldn't matter which commercial truck accident injury attorney a victim hired. It's only when an attorney can couple knowledge of the law with an understanding of the trucking industry's intricacies that he's able to see things that other attorneys might miss. For nearly three decades and over hundreds of commercial truck accident cases, the attorneys at Grossman Law Offices have done just that.

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  • What is Covenant Transport Inc.?
  • How many crashes has Covenant been involved in, since 2016?
  • How can a driver shortage impact truck accident injury and wrongful death cases?

Covenant Transport Quick Facts
Crash statistics per Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Covenant Transport Inc.: A Quick Look

Convenant Transport Inc. is a conglomeration of 3 large trucking companies, which combined make up the 47th largest trucking company in the Unites States. The three companies are Covenant Transport of Chattanooga, TN, Texarkana, AR-based Southern Refrigerated Transport, and Star Transportation, headquartered in La Vergne, TN.

The combined fleet of these subsidiaries is 2,954 trucks and 3,817 drivers, which covers roughly 350 million miles in a given year. This generates just shy of $700 million in revenue. Company revenue has held pretty steady over the last 5 years, with no big surges or dips.

As mentioned before, Covenant Transports' trucks have been involved in 419 crashes, resulting in at least 127 injuries and a minimum of 8 fatalities over the past 2 years. Given the way that the federal government compiles commercial truck collision statistics, there is no way to know how many of these crashes are the fault of Covenant drivers and how much culpability falls on the other drivers involved in these incidents.

Understanding the Trucking Industry Is as Important as Knowing the Law

Most people misunderstand how the law works. In the United States, the law provides general rules that govern very complex systems. Without knowledge of those systems, it's easy to miss when a rule is broken. Since injury victims have to prove that a trucking company broke the rules, and that said failure to follow them led to the victims' injuries, this is a crucial part of their case.

Very few people are aware that the trucking industry has a severe driver shortage. The tough working conditions, time away from families, and increasingly educated population means that trucking companies have a tough time just getting someone behind the wheel to haul a load. For instance, 6.2% of Covenant Tranport's fleet lack drivers. That's more than 1 in 20 trucks that are in good working order and are only missing a qualified driver.

What does this have to do with a commercial truck injury or wrongful death case? It's pretty simple, if you know how the industry works. Due to the driver shortage, trucking companies face a stark choice; they can either let perfectly good trucks sit idle and miss out on revenue, or they can put just anyone with a CDL behind the wheel, even if they have a bit of a checkered driving history. When companies choose the second option, they gamble with the lives of those who share the roads with unqualified truck drivers and hope those bad truckers don't kill themselves or anyone else.

Of course, you can't just call up a trucking company and ask them, "Should the driver who injured me have even been behind the wheel in the first place?" The answer to that question can only from a professional investigation, backed by the power of the law to compel a trucking company to turn over information that they would rather that you not see.

This is just one aspect of the trucking industry that is easily overlooked by less experienced lawyers, because most personal injury attorneys only handle 1 or 2 commercial truck accident injury or wrongful death cases in an entire career. Unless studying the truck industry is a hobby of theirs, there are dozens of other parts of trucking company operations that simply won't occur to them.

Even if that attorney does have following the trucking industry as a hobby, would you want to trust the most important legal case of your life to someone who looks at truck accidents as a hobby, or would it make more sense to look for attorneys who deal with the trucking industry and the consequences of their negligence every single day?

Grossman Law Offices: Holding Trucking Companies Accountable for Nearly 3 Decades

None of this is to imply that these particular issues affect Covenant Transport. As previously mentioned, there's no way to know without digging into the particular facts of a case. The larger point is that there are issues in the trucking industry that can lead to injuries and deaths that simply wouldn't occur to most attorneys. When it's your injury or wrongful death case on the line, would you rather put your trust in an inexperienced attorney who is learning on the fly, or a group of attorneys who have been holding trucking companies accountable for nearly 3 decades?

If you've sustained injuries or lost a loved one in a collision with a Covenant Transport, Star Transportation, or Southern Refrigerated Transport truck, please call our attorneys with Grossman Law Offices at (855) 326-0000 (toll free) to find out more about how we can help you. We answer the phone, anytime, day or night.

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