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Litigating a Claim Against Acme Truck Line Inc.

The trucking industry is a cut-throat, highly-competitive industry. Profit margins are usually tighter than in many other industries and there has been a shortage of drivers for years.

While most news accounts tend to focus on the winners in the industry, many trucking companies have fallen on hard times recently, seeing revenue plummet as larger competitors take a bigger share of the industry. These smaller companies soldier on, but when one of their drivers becomes involved in a crash, it adds even more pressure to what is already an existential fight for survival.

Acme Truck Line Inc. is one of the companies that has seen its fortunes fall in the past few years. While most people who are injured or lose a loved one at the hands of a trucking company probably couldn't care less about the company's financial situation, it's naive to assume that it doesn't play a role in holding them accountable for an injury or death. Dallas truck accident attorney Michael Grossman explains.

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Acme Truck Line Quick Facts
Crash data per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

What Is Acme Truck Line?

Headquartered in Gretna, Louisiana, Acme Truck Line is the 115th-largest trucking company in the United States. This may sound like a lofty ranking, but as recently as 2015, Acme was the 60th largest trucking company.

For 2017, company revenue was $173 million, a far cry from the nearly $500 million dollars in revenue just 2 years prior. Any way you slice it, the past couple of years have not been kind to Acme Truck Line.

The company's fleet has seen a similar decline, from almost 2,900 trucks to 1,616 power units. 1,588 drivers man those trucks, which covered a bit more than 74 million miles in 2016.

Acme drivers were involved in 61 crashes, 24 of which resulted in at least 1 injury, and another 5 fatal collisions. To be fair, it's highly doubtful that Acme drivers were at fault for all of these crashes, but it would be equally imprudent to assume that an Acme truck was just in the wrong place at the wrong time in each of these events.

Anytime a company sees a decline as steep as the one Acme has recently endured, it should be a warning sign to potential victims that they're in for a fight.

Litigating Against Declining Companies

When most companies lose too many truck accident injury and wrongful death cases, their profit margin takes a hit, and maybe some executives lose their jobs. When a company that is experiencing severe financial distress loses too many truck crash cases, they may have to close their doors, putting everyone out of work.

Every dollar is precious to a company in distress. That means they have to attempt to cut costs wherever possible in order to weather the financial storm. Unfortunately, it is accident victims who can unfairly face the consequences of a desperate company's attempts to reduce their expenditures.

Many trucking companies see the costs of properly compensating victims for the damage that company drivers do as money down the drain. We've yet to encounter a single trucking company that steps up to the plate and take care of all of a victim's crash-related expenses.

This isn't to smear trucking companies, who have to control costs, wherever they exist, but controlling costs shouldn't mean that the injured or the families of the deceased have to bear burdens that they didn't create.

In summary, when a company is in financial distress, they usually pull out all the stops to ensure that they have to pay as little as possible for the accident their drivers cause. When it works, it's great for the company, but it's terrible for victims, who are just trying to put their lives back together after a horrific truck accident.

Fortunately, a company's financial woes don't have to become the victim's problems, too.

Grossman Law Offices Makes a Difference

For nearly 30 years, the attorneys at Grossman Law Offices have used our experience and skill to ensure that victims don't bear the costs of a trucking company's attempts to control costs after a decline. Our skilled team of investigators, experts, and litigators ensures that the injured and those who have lost a loved one are able to tell their side of the story.

Most importantly, Grossman Law Offices makes sure that trucking companies are held to account when one of their drivers makes a careless decision that results in disastrous consequences.

If you were injured by an Acme Truck Lines driver, contact Grossman Law Offices at 1-855-326-0000 to discuss your options. All consultations are free of charge, and we pick up the phone anytime, day or night.

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