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What Victims of Crashes With A & R Transport Semi-trucks Should Know

As we are all too often reminded by both current events and our own lives, the world we live in is far from perfectly fair. Good people suffer unspeakable tragedies, while those who hurt others get away with it again and again. For those harmed by the negligence of commercial truck drivers and their employers, it may seem like unfairness piled onto unfairness that they should have to prove a trucking company's negligence before receiving compensation.

Among other things, proving your case against a trucking company will require a full and unbiased investigation of a variety of factors and circumstances, including a company's maintenance practices, that might have caused or contributed to the crash. Dallas semi-truck accident attorney Michael Grossman explains why the condition of their vehicles is especially relevant to claims against A & R Transport.

Questions Answered on This Page:

  • What is A & R Transport?
  • How many crashes involving injury or death has the company been involved in?
  • How could the company's maintenance practices affect litigation against them?

Crash statistics from Federal Motor Carrier Statistics Administration data

What is A & R Transport?

Based in Louisville, KY, A & R Transport is the sole freight transportation branch of parent company A & R Logistics, which is the 95th-largest commercial transportation company in the U.S. The company's roughly 900 tractor-trailers and 800 drivers generated about $260 million in total revenue in 2017 and traveled just under 75 million miles that year.

Over the past two years, federal government data indicates A & R Transport's tractor-trailers were involved in 48 collisions, of which 27 led to injuries, and 1 resulted in at least one person's death. As useful as this information may be, it can't speak to who is at fault in any particular crash. However, it's highly likely that at least some of these collisions were the result of an A & R Transport employee's carelessness.

Why A & R Transport's Maintenance Practices Matter to Your Case

While there's no way to know what factors actually caused any given crash without a thorough independent investigation, there are some that a less experienced attorney may not take the time to look into. One factor that often falls into this category is inadequate maintenance, which is often harder to detect than other causes.

When an uncorrected mechanical problem with a tractor-trailer causes a collision, it can also make it more challenging to establish the trucking company's liability, because many companies, including A & R Transport, outsource some or all of their maintenance to an outside provider. This can create a situation where both the trucking company and its repair providers each attempt to deflect the blame for what happened onto the other.

To understand how this strategy can be effective, let's examine how fault is apportioned in civil cases. In crashes where investigation reveals that a truck driver's negligent driving or improper parking caused the collision, liability for any resulting injury or death is shared by the driver and his employer.

By the same logic, if a trucking company's employees perform maintenance on their own fleet vehicles, then any wreck caused by an uncorrected mechanical issue would also be shared with the company in a similar way. However, in cases where some repairs are performed by an outside provider, it may require a fair bit of investigative legwork to determine who was responsible for correcting the issues.

If this legal strategy succeeds, it can result in the interests of victims being lost in the struggle over responsibility between the two companies.

This creates an opportunity for both the trucking company and the outside provider to avoid being held responsible. The trucking company can claim that the repair provider was responsible for fixing the defects, since they were hired to do just that. When victims then try to go after the repair company, its attorneys can try to shift blame to the trucking company for failing to ensure the truck was in safe working order before putting it on the road.

If these legal maneuvers succeed, the interests of victims may get lost in the dispute over responsibility between the two companies. Only a knowledgeable semi-truck injury attorney will be able to determine which company(s) were actually at fault and compel them to do the right thing through successful litigation.

However, in order to even prove that maintenance issues were the cause of the crash, much less demonstrate who was responsible for correcting them before it happened, you'll need to gain access to a host of evidence, all of which belongs to the trucking company.

As you would probably expect, a company won't turn over anything that might wind up costing them large sums of money just because you ask for it. You'll need to legally compel them to do so, which requires an attorney who can prepare a subpoena that a judge will approve, listing what documents and items you need to prove your case and why.

Grossman Law Offices Has the Experience to Successfully Resolve Your Case

A trucking company's reliance on outside repair providers is just one of the many factors that can affect the likelihood of success for your commercial vehicle accident claim. Without an attorney experienced enough to be prepared for every possible contingency, you'll be at a severe disadvantage against the defendant's legal team.

At Grossman Law Offices, we've been successfully litigating commercial vehicle personal injury and wrongful death cases for almost thirty years. That means we know every aspect of the law relevant to these claims backwards and forwards, as well as how to effectively gather evidence and present it in court. We've successfully resolved cases involving a variety of scenarios and against some of the largest players in commercial transportation.

If you've been injured or lost a loved one in a crash involving an A & R Transport tractor-trailer, please call 855-326-0000 to find out how our attorneys can help you. We're available to talk whenever you need us.

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