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The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission Has Investigated Red Lobster 8 Times Since 2011

With more that 700 locations and worth roughly $2.1 billion, Red Lobster has been a national casual seafood dining powerhouse for more than a decade. However, like many very popular restaurants, their have been issued with proper alcohol service in their past here in Texas. Below, we'll review the allegations that involved selling alcohol to an obviously intoxicated person and, a few times, selling alcohol to a minor. Surprisingly, most of the allegations come from concerned members of the community that saw it fit to contact the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission and bring it to the TABC's attention that that they could conduct an investigation.

Simply because a Red Lobster location was investigated, it does not mean that they are a location that displays a pattern of violating TABC code. Conversely, if a location has been investigated and investigators determine that they are not in violation of TABC code, that does not mean that the alleged violation did not take place. At times, sufficient evidence required to prove that either criminal or administrative violations occurred is hard to come by. We are simply reporting the locations that were put on the TABC's radar for one reason or another by concerned citizens and law enforcement agencies.

Red Lobster Locations that Have Been Investigated by the TABC Since 2017

Abilene - 1280 S Clack Street


On 9/8/2011, it was alleged that a drunk patron had been over-served alcohol.

After a four day investigation, TABC investigators decided that they hadn't gathered enough evidence in order to support the allegations and shut down the investigation on 9/12/2011.

Duncanville - 603 S. Cockrell Hill Rd.


On 7/23/2012, a member of the Duncanville community reported to the TABC that an obviously intoxicated person was allegedly sold alcohol.

After an investigation and a review of evidence that was gathered, TABC officials decided that this particular location would face no punishment.

Baytown - 4717 Interstate 10


On 8/15/2012, a private citizen alleged that this Baytown location had violated TABC guidelines.

After an investigation that lasted less than a month, TABC officials decided that there was not enough evidence to prove that a violation had occurred and closed the investigation on 9/13/2012.

Sugar Land - 2323 Highway 6


It was alleged by a member of the Sugar Land community that this Red Lobster location may have sold alcohol to a person under the age of 21 on 1/22/2013.

After roughly a two week investigation, TABC officials decided that they did not have enough evidence to support the allegation and dropped the case on 2/1/2013

Sherman - 3600 Hwy 75 North


A law enforcement agency alleged that this location had sold alcohol to an intoxicated person and allowed that person to take the alcohol out of the restaurant into public spurring an investigation on 11/3/2014.

TABC investigators looked into the claim finding that there wasn't sufficient evidence available in order to push the matter further and closed the case on 12/22/2014.

Windcrest - 8210 I 35 North


A concerned customer alleged on 7/31/2015 that this Windrest location, just outside San Antonio, may have sold alcohol to a person underthe age of 21.

Investigators from the TABC failed to come up with corroborating evidence to support the claim, thus, the investigation was closed on 8/18/2015.

San Antonio - 7835 IH 35


On 8/22/2016, a member of the San Antonio community alleged that this Red Lobster location had sold alcohol to a minor.

TABC investigators closed their investigation on 10/1/2016 after not finding enough evidence to pursue the matter further.

Webster - 7835 IH 35


On 9/25/2017, a citizen of the community alleged that a server had sold alcohol to an intoxicated person.

TABC officials closed the investigation on 10/29/2017.

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