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If you've suffered a personal injury in Houston, you need an experienced attorney.

You don’t want to fight an insurance company on your own because that strategy isn’t likely to get you the money you need. Getting the personal injury settlement you deserve requires legal expertise combined with aggressive negotiation. 

Here are some things you should know about our law firm:

  • We have represented thousands of clients;
  • We have over 30 years of legal experience;
  • We are rated by Super Lawyers and Top Attorneys of Texas, among other awards;
  • We care about each client and get to know them personally;
  • Once we understand our client’s experience and needs, we passionately advocate on their behalf;
  • We don’t back down from intimidating insurance companies or corporations; and
  • We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for Texas accident victims.

To learn how our experienced Houston personal injury attorneys can help you, contact us for a free consultation.

Top 6 Things to Know After Suffering an Injury in Houston

After you experience an accident injury, you likely face many obstacles. You probably need medical treatment and may not be able to work. This situation can cause financial stress, and you may not know where to turn for help.

We can help. Our Houston personal injury attorneys will guide you through each step of your accident recovery. Here are the top six things to keep in mind after your Houston accident. 

1. Time Is of the Essence

You should contact an injury attorney immediately after your accident. If you were injured some time ago, contact a personal injury lawyer in Houston as soon as possible.

In Texas, the statute of limitations can limit your ability to recover accident injury compensation, so you must act soon. The Texas statute of limitations for personal injuries is two years from the date of the accident or the date you discovered your injuries. If you file a claim after this time, the judge will likely throw out your case.

Another reason that you should quickly contact a personal injury lawyer in Houston involves evidence collection. Your attorney will have an easier time finding evidence to support your claim right after your accident. As months and years pass, evidence tends to get lost or destroyed.

2. Hire a Personal Injury Attorney to Get More Money

Folks who hire a lawyer typically net a much larger recovery than those who don't. Insurance companies often use sneaky tactics to try to deny or undervalue your claim. Personal injury attorneys know how insurance companies work, and our lawyers don’t fall for their tactics.

We aren’t intimidated by corporate-speak either, and we keep the pressure on until they give you the money you deserve. When insurance companies know that you have an attorney willing to take your case to trial, they may become much more willing to negotiate for a fair settlement.

3. Don't Talk to the Other Person's Insurance Company

You should speak with a personal injury lawyer in Houston before you talk to the other person’s insurance company. When you’ve just experienced an accident injury, a kind-sounding insurer may call you. The timing of their call is deliberate. They know you are flustered and overwhelmed. If you answer their questions without thinking carefully, you may harm your case.

Our attorneys always advise you to tell the truth. However, we prepare you for insurance company questions so that you know what to expect. Having an attorney on your side enables you to give thorough answers to an insurer’s questions.

4. Document All of Your Injuries and Ailments

Your ability to recover compensation hinges on proving that someone else caused your injuries and proving that you sustained injuries. Even if someone exhibited grossly reckless behavior, you have no legal case if you weren’t actually injured. To prove your injuries to the insurance company or court, you need evidence.

Save all medical invoices, medical evaluations, and communications about your injuries. Even texts or emails describing how you felt after your accident or inquiring about medical treatment can help your claim.

5. Always See the Doctor

It is important for you to consult a doctor after your accident. Any ethical personal injury attorney will view your physical recovery as their first priority. To give yourself the best chance of recovery, you should seek a doctor to treat your injuries. 

Getting prompt medical treatment can also improve your chances of financial compensation. When a court evaluates your personal injury damages, they look at the efforts you made to mitigate damages. This means that you are responsible for doing as much as you can to improve your situation or at least not to make things worse. If you sustain further injuries due to a lack of medical treatment, a court may not hold the defendant liable for those preventable damages.

6. Don’t Put Yourself at Risk

During the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing has become a normal way of life for many Texans. When you are recovering from accident injuries, you may hesitate to go into public and put yourself at further risk. We understand that, and we want to protect you. 

Even before this pandemic, our attorneys conducted virtual meetings and house visits to spare injured clients inconvenience. Today, our flexibility and virtual capabilities are more essential than ever. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a remote consultation. You can hire Grossman Law Offices attorneys without having to come to our office.

The 5 Most Important Qualifications of Your Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

You see many lawyers’ advertisements around Houston. Billboards, commercials, and ads try to persuade you that a lawyer with a big advertising budget is best for your case. So how do you look beneath the surface promises to determine whether a lawyer is a good fit? 

We recommend evaluating an attorney based on their character and case experience.

Here are the five most important qualifications you should look for in a Houston personal injury lawyer.

1. History of BIG Personal Injury Settlements and Verdicts

Look up an attorney’s case results. Experienced Houston personal injury lawyers usually list notable wins on their website. For instance, our site lists many of the multi-million-dollar settlements we have won for injured victims and grieving families. A lawyer can’t guarantee a certain dollar amount for your case. However, looking at past case results gives you an idea of the attorney’s ability to negotiate a settlement or persuade a jury.

2. Uses Real Trial Attorneys, Not a Churn and Burn Shop

You want an attorney who has the time and diligence to give you the focus you deserve. At Grossman Law Offices, we get to know our clients personally so we can advocate for their needs. Attorneys who seek quick settlements without your best interests in mind aren’t people we hire. To obtain a maximum settlement, you need the insurance company to know that your attorney is willing to take your case to trial. Most cases settle, but if yours advances to trial, you want an experienced, skilled trial attorney representing you.

3. Cares About Getting Real Justice for Your Injuries and Losses

Some attorneys have only their bank account in mind. At Grossman Law Offices, we get paid only when we win your case. We know that getting you the money you need is only part of the justice you seek in a personal injury case. You also want the person who harmed you to change their behavior so they won’t harm others. We work for that outcome too, and we can often negotiate for those meaningful changes in a settlement agreement.

4. Will Go the Extra Mile to Help You Get Your Life Back

When you hire a Houston personal injury attorney, you should get an advocate who will stand by your side through litigation. This role requires more than just legal skill. It requires a lawyer with compassion and concern for you, who will go to great lengths to help you. Our attorneys want you to get the medical treatment you need, so we help you arrange appointments and take care of other administrative tasks for you. We do more than we have to because we care.

5. Is Ethical and Honest

After experiencing an accident injury, you may feel vulnerable. After all, you may not have the independence and confidence that you once enjoyed. Your entire life may have changed after the accident. 

You need a lawyer whom you can trust. Your lawyer must advocate for your best interest with complete honesty. Our attorneys have meticulous ethical standards, meaning you won’t have to worry about how we handle your case. We are advocates who will earn your trust. 

How do you figure out whether a lawyer meets these qualifications? Talk to them. You can call our attorneys for a free consultation, and we’ll answer all your questions. After talking with us, you’ll be able to determine if our ethical standards and case results meet your requirements.

FAQ: Hiring a Houston Personal Injury Attorney

What Types of Houston Personal Injury Cases Does Grossman Law Handle?

Grossman Law Offices has been helping accident victims for thirty years. Our law firm has helped more than 1,000 families get the personal injury compensation they need. Through our dedication and zealous representation, we have earned our clients’ trust. We successfully represent clients that other firms turn down because we are willing to put in the hard work it takes to win a complicated personal injury case. 

Here are some of the personal injury cases that we take:

We take great pride in getting accident victims maximum compensation for their injuries. This compensation can provide for their families and make life after an injury a little easier. 

However, we find it even more meaningful when we help clients force companies to change unsafe practices so that other people are spared pain and suffering. We remind clients that when you file a personal injury lawsuit, you can help your family and others.

If I live in Houston, How Important Is It That I Hire a Personal Injury Law Firm That's Physically Located There?

Houston Injury Attorneys

It's not important to find a personal injury lawyer with an actual office in Houston, TX. This may seem like a surprising statement, but hear us out. The most important thing is hiring a personal injury lawyer who will prioritize your case and help maximize your recovery. 

At Grossman Law our personal injury attorneys work with clients throughout the state of Texas. Especially during COVID-19 social distancing, proximity to your lawyer’s office is irrelevant. Our attorneys meet with clients remotely and make house visits when necessary to provide a seamless, convenient experience that prioritizes clients’ health and safety.

What Information Do I Need to Gather Before Speaking with a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer?

When you meet with your attorney for a free case review, you’ll want to bring evidence that supports your claim. Evidence will help your attorney persuasively advocate for the money you need. Once your personal injury lawyer hears your experience and evaluates this evidence, they can give you an estimate of your potential damages.

Bring as much information as possible to your free consultation, including these documents:

  • Photos of the accident scene,
  • Photos of the damage done in the accident,
  • Names and contact information of witnesses to the accident,
  • A negligent driver’s license and insurance information,
  • Medical records,
  • Medical bills,
  • Property damage repair invoices,
  • Emails and text messages describing the accident, and
  • Emails and mailed communication from the insurance company.

This evidence paints a picture of what happened in your accident. The evidence helps your attorney prove who was responsible for your accident and how it has impacted you. While our law firm employs skilled investigators who can uncover additional evidence to support your claim, any documentation you bring us can help. Evidence is often lost or destroyed after an accident, so the sooner you start collecting such material, the better.

Will I Have to Pay More to Hire the Best Houston Personal Injury Lawyer?

No, you do not have to pay more to get an excellent personal injury lawyer in Houston, TX. Personal injury law works differently than most legal fees. The Grossman Law Offices works on contingency, meaning that you pay nothing unless we win your case. You owe us no retainer, no hourly fees, and no monthly payments.

When we win your case, we take an agreed-upon percentage of your settlement. If we don’t obtain a successful verdict or settlement, you owe us nothing. We embrace this system of payment because it means that regardless of their ability to pay upfront, clients have access to excellent attorneys.

Will I Be Obligated to Hire Grossman Law If I Get a Free Consultation?

No, our free case reviews do not obligate you to hire our firm. We think every client should have the chance to find the best lawyer for their case. We want you to learn about our firm and evaluate our fit for your case during a consultation. You have this opportunity to get to know us without feeling any pressure to sign a contract.

What's the Best Way to Contact Grossman Law Houston Injury Attorneys?

We make ourselves available to you 24/7 through phone, online form, or email. Contact us using any of these methods, and expect a prompt response. You deserve to give your claim a fair chance by speaking with an experienced personal injury attorney in Houston, TX.

If you want to talk things over with one of our knowledgeable Houston personal injury attorneys, contact us 24/7 at (855) 326-0000 or send us an online message.