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If a child, parent, or spouse has died because of negligence, you need an experienced Corpus Christi wrongful death attorney. An attorney will help you evaluate your legal options, which may include filing a wrongful death lawsuit.

A life cut short due to negligence or even intentional wrongdoing should never go unaccounted for.

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If you've lost a loved one, our Corpus Christi wrongful death lawyers will tell their story and make sure the responsible party is held to account.

Filing a wrongful death lawsuit is a heart wrenching experience. It means that you’ve lost someone you love due to another person’s actions.

At Grossman Law Offices, our compassionate attorneys support victims and their families who are seeking justice.

If you would like to speak to our attorneys about potentially filing a wrongful death lawsuit, contact us for a free consultation.

We’ll listen to your story, answer your questions, and let you know if our lawyers can help you get wrongful death compensation.

Where Some Firms Aren't Equipped, Grossman Law Embraces Wrongful Death Cases

You need to find the right firm for your wrongful death case. For one thing, this type of case involves a highly emotional issue. You don’t want an insensitive or inexperienced Corpus Christi wrongful death lawyer handling such an important matter. 

Also, wrongful death cases require a firm with significant resources. These cases can result in substantial compensation, meaning that the defendant will fight hard against your allegations.

Your attorneys must find every piece of evidence available, using investigators, expert witnesses, and a dedicated legal support team to prove your case.

All these resources take money, and you certainly don’t want to pay for them out of pocket. Reputable firms like Grossman Law Offices work on contingency, meaning that we finance the entire cost of your lawsuit.

We pay all these experts to help your case, and you owe us nothing until we win your settlement.

Stats: Deaths Caused by Vehicle Accidents in Corpus Christi Annually


Corpus Christi can be a dangerous place to drive.

Here are vehicle accident statistics that show just how deadly Corpus Christi roads have become:

  • In 2019, Corpus Christi roadways saw 8,880 crashes;
  • 28.4% of traffic deaths in Corpus Christi, Texas involved a speeding driver;
  • There were 141 Corpus Christi traffic fatalities from 2013 to 2017;
  • Seven fatal accidents in 2017 involved intoxication; and
  • In 2017, there were 14 pedestrians in fatal traffic accidents.

An analysis of 11 years of traffic data showed that most Corpus Christi fatal accidents take place in July.

These fatal accidents are most likely to occur on Saturday night, Sunday morning, or Monday morning.

What Are Common Incidents That Result in Wrongful Deaths in Corpus Christi?

Sadly, many Corpus Christi residents are wrongfully killed on roadways or other locations in the city. Here are some of the common incidents that cause wrongful deaths in Corpus Christi:

  • Vehicle accidents,
  • Dangerous workplaces,
  • Defective products including auto parts, and
  • Dangerous premises.

If your loved one died due to one of these accidents, you may have a wrongful death claim. Call the experienced lawyers at Grossman Law Offices to discuss your case and find out how much compensation you could receive.

What If the Death Occurred as the Result of a Criminal Act?

Even if someone is criminally prosecuted for the death of your loved one, you can still sue. The US legal system provides two broad categories for justice: criminal and civil. 

  • Criminal prosecution punishes a defendant by taking away their freedom or imposing fines, and
  • Civil litigation focuses on making the victim whole by compensating the victim (or the victim’s family).

What’s more, you may be able to bring a successful civil lawsuit even if a criminal trial found the defendant not guilty. That’s because there is a lower burden of proof in a civil case.

In a criminal prosecution, a jury must find a defendant guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. However, a civil court must only find the defendant to have “more likely than not” caused your loved one’s death.

What Is the Most Crucial Evidence in a Wrongful Death Claim?

After your loved one’s death, you’re likely not in the emotional state to consider collecting evidence. However, the following evidence can prove crucial to your wrongful death claim:

  • Photos of the accident scene,
  • Police report,
  • Witness statements and contact information,
  • Names of other victims of a similar incident,
  • Workplace records indicating employer negligence, and
  • Expert analysis of the conditions that caused the accident.

If you can’t find some of this critical information, don’t worry. Just bring us all the evidence you have, and our experienced investigators can take over from there. Our legal team will work to find all evidence available to support your claim and get you maximum compensation.

Do Most Wrongful Death Lawsuits in Corpus Christi Go to Trial?

We can settle most wrongful death lawsuits outside of court. This settlement process usually provides the best outcome for a number of reasons:

  • It gets you wrongful death compensation faster;
  • It saves you from the emotionally wrenching ordeal of recounting your loved one’s death to a jury;
  • It eliminates the possibility that a jury will find against you; and
  • Our skilled negotiators can convince the defense to pay you a significant amount of money.

Defendants are usually more than willing to settle because they know a jury might decide against them.

Also, a defendant doesn’t want the public notoriety of media coverage of a wrongful death trial. Because wrongful death cases are so emotionally devastating, defendants usually offer a significant settlement.

How Are the Damages in Wrongful Death Claims Different Than Other, Less Serious Personal Injury Cases?

A wrongful death lawsuit gives the family of a deceased person the ability to sue. The damages in this lawsuit reflect the pain and loss the family experienced.

The legal system knows that money cannot replace your loved one, but it is the only mode of compensation available. Therefore, your damages award reflects the suffering and financial harm you have experienced because of your loved one’s wrongful death.

Here are some of the damages that may apply to your wrongful death claim:

  • Pain and suffering,
  • Counseling bills,
  • Loss of earning capacity,
  • Loss of support,
  • Loss of companionship, and 
  • Loss of inheritance.

These damages differ from those of a less serious personal injury case. In a personal injury case, the person who was hurt sues. Depending on the degree of injury, an injured person may not receive as much compensation as the family of a wrongful death victim.

The court takes loss of life seriously. To find justice for your loved one’s senseless death, you must hire an experienced wrongful death attorney.

Are Punitive Damages Often Claimed in Wrongful Death Cases?

In addition to damages for the emotional and financial harm you suffered, the court may award punitive damages.

Though punitive damages aren’t awarded as frequently as emotional and economic damages, this type of damages may be appropriate where the defendant exhibited terrible behavior.

For instance, a court might require a drunk driver or a hit-and-run driver to pay punitive damages. The court assesses this penalty to punish the defendant and deter others from committing similarly reckless behavior.

Can Any Lawyer in Corpus Christi Handle My Wrongful Death Claim?

corpus christi wrongful death

While many wrongful death lawyers in Corpus Christi claim they can handle these claims, you want the best.

Since most Corpus Christi wrongful death lawyers work on contingency, you don’t pay a higher hourly rate to hire someone with more experience.

You pay an agreed-upon percentage of your settlement, so there’s no reason to choose a lawyer who lacks a record of successful wrongful death cases.

Another thing you should keep in mind when considering an inexperienced law firm is whether they have the financial resources to litigate your case successfully.

Wrongful death cases involve lots of expenses—from hiring investigators and expert witnesses to traveling around the state to interview witnesses.

On a contingency payment plan, your law firm finances all these expenses. That means a lawyer’s financial resources and access to experts could have a real impact on your case.

At Grossman Law Offices, we have the resources, experience, and successful track record to give you confidence in our ability to provide effective representation.

Also, our firm is small enough to provide personal attention and get to know you and your family so that we can advocate for your needs.

What Family Members Can and Can't Bring a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A wrongful death lawsuit is intended to compensate those family members most affected by their loved one’s death. In Texas, these family members can file a claim:

  • Surviving spouse,
  • Children, and
  • Parents.

If these family members do not file a claim within three months of their loved one’s death, the personal representative (executor) of the estate can file a claim.

However, the spouse, children, and parents can forbid the executor from filing a claim. In either case, compensation from a wrongful death lawsuit is likely to go to the victim’s close family members.

Who Are the Most Common Defendants in Corpus Christi Wrongful Death Lawsuits?

Corpus Christi wrongful deaths take place in many different circumstances, but we frequently see some of these defendants:

  • Negligent drivers,
  • Drunk drivers,
  • Bartenders who over-serve customers,
  • Manufacturing company executives,
  • Employers, and
  • Medical professionals.

If your loved one died because of the negligent action of one of these people, give us a call. We can discuss the details of your case and let you know if we can help.

Can Only Wealthy People Afford to Hire a Wrongful Death Attorney in Corpus Christi?

No, Corpus Christi wrongful death lawyers do not discriminate on the basis of wealth. In fact, your income or ability to pay has no impact on our decision to take your case. 

That’s because our firm works on contingency, meaning you owe us nothing until we win your case. When we successfully settle or try your case, you pay us a percentage of your settlement or award.

So you don’t have to pay us anything to take your case or to fund litigation. If we lose your case, you owe us nothing.

What Are the Common Traits and Backgrounds of Effective Wrongful Death Lawyers?

Your wrongful death attorney in Corpus Christi needs to possess key skills that enable effective client representation. Here are some traits you want in a wrongful death attorney:

  • Shows compassion for each client,
  • Has extensive knowledge of Texas law,
  • Knows what tactics insurance companies use to deny a claim,
  • Is a skilled negotiator,
  • Has experience bringing wrongful death cases to trial, and
  • Has the financial resources to hire experts needed for your case.

You should meet with any potential wrongful death lawyer in Corpus Christi for a free consultation before you hire them. A consultation allows you to evaluate the attorney’s personality and experience and see if you might be able to work well together.

Does It Matter If the Wrongful Death Attorney I Hire Doesn't Have an Office in Corpus Christi?

No, it doesn’t matter if your wrongful death attorney has an office in Corpus Christi. The lawyers at Grossman Law Offices work all over Texas, traveling to meet with clients or having virtual meetings.

Lawyers are certified to practice in states, not specific cities. The attorneys at Grossman Law Offices are licensed to practice law in Texas, meaning that we can practice anywhere in Texas.

Even though we don’t have an office in Corpus Christi, that won’t impact your case at all. We bring our team of legal professionals to you, traveling to Corpus Christi as many times as necessary to get you a maximum settlement.

Will I Be Pressured to Hire Grossman Law Wrongful Death Attorneys If I Get a Free Consultation?

No, we will never pressure you into anything.  We will always act in your best interest. This philosophy guides all our interactions with you, including when we meet for a free consultation.

This meeting provides you with a no-pressure time to get to know us, ask us questions, and decide if we’re the firm for you. Contact us today if you would like to learn more about how we can help you.

What Information Do I Need for a Consult with a Corpus Christi Wrongful Death Attorney?

When you meet with our attorneys, bring as much evidence as you have to support your claim. Helpful information you might bring includes:

  • A police report,
  • Photos from the accident scene,
  • Medical records,
  • Medical bills,
  • Witness statements and contact information,
  • Names of others who have suffered a similar accident,
  • Communications with the insurance company, and
  • Any other relevant written communications.

This information will help your attorney understand what caused your loved one’s death.

Each piece of evidence plays a critical role in pointing out who was at fault. If you don’t have all these documents, don’t worry. Our experienced investigators will look at your loved one’s experience from every possible angle, attempting to find any evidence that could help prove your claim.

To get started on your wrongful death claim, contact Grossman Law Offices for a free consultation.

We’ll listen to the details of your loved one’s experience, answer your questions, review evidence, and advise you of your legal options.