5 of the Best Commercial Truck Accident Lawyers in Dallas

Michael GrossmanJune 03, 2022 5 minutes

This is the third post in my Best Dallas Lawyers series. Here you'll find my picks for 5 of the best commercial truck accident lawyers in Dallas Texas.

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For anyone who is injured in a vehicle accident, it's a good idea to speak with an attorney.

For folks who are injured in collisions involving 18-wheelers – or for the family of someone killed in such a collision – choosing the right attorney is a matter of grave importance.

Commercial 18-wheeler cases frequently involve life-changing injuries, complex liability scenarios, and of course, massive defense resources. Victims of truck accidents require an attorney who is equal to the task.

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Below you'll find my picks for 5 of the best, most-qualified truck accident attorneys in Dallas (yours truly excluded).


1. Attorney Clay Miller - Miller Weisbrod Olesky, LLP

best dallas truck accident lawyer clay miller
Clay Miller – Truck Accident Attorney at Miller Weisbrod Olesky, LLP

Attorney Bio | Contact Information

Attorney Clay Miller of the law firm Miller Weisbrod Olesky is not only a well-respected trial lawyer here in Dallas, but he's also a good buddy of mine. I've known clay for many years and know that he is a very skilled, truck accident lawyer who has represented hundreds of families in commercial vehicle accident cases.

A real testament to Clay's abilities can be found in the following anecdote. Clay once sued a major trucking company and basically beat the pants off of them in court in a fatal truck accident case. And even though they lost to him, they were so impressed by the work that he did, that they hired him to represent the trucking company when the trucking company later sued the manufacturer of their semi-trucks in a business breach of contract dispute.

To get hired by your "enemy" after you trounce them in court is perhaps the greatest indication of the respect they have for your ability.

2. The Tate Law Offices PC

top truck accident law firm dallas tate law offices

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We had the pleasure of working alongside the Tate Law Offices in a multi-vehicle pile-up case that resulted in several fatalities and in many victims of serious injuries. We represented one family who lost a loved one in the accident and the Tate Law Firm represented a different family.

We were able to settle our case before trial and secure a large recovery for our clients. The Tate law firm ended up trying their client's case all the way to a jury verdict.

Since, since our client's case had already been resolved, we were able to observe from the sidelines. They did an impressive job and ultimately got a sizable recovery for their client.

3. Frank Branson - The Law Offices of Frank L. Branson

best semi truck accident lawyer frank branson
Frank Branson – 18-Wheeler Accident Attorney

Firm Website | Contact Information

Frank Branson will make almost any list of the best attorneys in Dallas – including this list of best truck accident lawyers in Dallas – no matter who is composing the list. Frank Branson has been practicing personal injury law for longer than just about anyone in existence. And he has an amazing track record of success.

One of the things that trial lawyers like myself admire about Frank Branson is that he doesn't win every single case that he tries. We've seen where he takes risks on cases that some lawyers might be too scared to take. And very easy to see why he's so admired when he's willing to go to the mat for a client, even if it's not clear that he's going to come out on top.

Moreover, his clients benefit from the fact that every defense lawyer in Texas knows that Frank Branson is willing to go to trial on any given case. That is something that always makes defense attorneys nervous. You combine that with the fact that Frank Branson has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for truck accident victims, and it's easy to see why he's so highly regarded.

4. Thomas J. Henry

best truck accident lawyer dallas texas
Thomas J Henry – Commercial Truck Accident Attorney

Firm Website | Contact Information

Most folks know Thomas J. Henry from his flashy TV commercials. And I've had people say to me at various points in time that they assumed that he was basically a celebrity lawyer and that he didn't actually get in the fight himself.

That is incorrect.

I had the pleasure of trying a case alongside Thomas J. Henry in Corpus Christi a few years back, and he is in fact a capable trial lawyer. The case that we litigated together was one where a gentleman was killed in a truck accident and I represented some of the claimants and Thomas J Henry's office represented some of the other claimants, so I had an opportunity to work alongside him at all stages in the case.

And even though, yes, he is someone who appears in flashy TV commercials, he is not simply a figurehead for his law firm. He is a fighter and will get into the ring.

5. Quentin Brogdon – Crain Brogdon Rogers, LLP

top rated truck accident attorney dallas

Attorney Bio | Contact Information

Quentin Brogden is a real lawyer's lawyer. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of Texas truck accident law. He is known for creating training materials that other members of the legal profession use such as, um, his step-by-step guide to investigating alternative defendants in commercial vehicle accident cases.

Quentin made a name for himself while working for the Law Offices of Frank L. Branson where he gained an impressive amount of trial experience. He has since left Frank Ranson's office and is now a partner at Crain Brogdon Rogers, LLP.

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