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How Damages for “Loss of Inheritance” Can be Recovered in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

One type of damages available in a wrongful death lawsuit that many wrongful death victims suffer, but often fail to recognize, are damages for the inheritance they’ve lost a result of their loved one’s passing.

What is Loss of Inheritance?

Loss of inheritance damages are a part of the “economic damages” available in a wrongful death case, and are designed to replace the inheritance your loved one would have left you were they able to work for the rest of their career. As quantifying the loss of inheritance damages available in a particular wrongful death case depends on a variety of factors, you should contact an experienced Dallas area wrongful death attorney for assistance. However, we have included the example below to illustrate how loss of inheritance damages usually work.

For example, let’s say that your father worked as a world renowned surgeon at Baylor Medical Center. Your father was the sole financial provider for your family and your mother is a stay at home caretaker. If your father dies, you’ll not only be burdened with the immediate costs of his funeral, you’ll also be left without the income he would have continued earning until he retired. Since your father was an expert surgeon your household income may have dropped from hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to nothing.

Additionally, your father’s death might also mean that your future inheritance has been diminished or eliminated altogether. If your family’s income was 100% eliminated with your father’s death, your inheritance will likely be completely eliminated as well. However, if your father had continued living, your inheritance would not have been eliminated.

If you believe that you’ve suffered a loss of inheritance due to your family member’s death, our experienced wrongful death attorneys and staff may be able to assist you recover the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys at Grossman Law Offices have assisted many families recover loss of inheritance damages in their wrongful death claim since they began helping families like yours here in Dallas since 1990. For a free consultation regarding your potential wrongful death case and claims for loss of inheritance, contact our office at 1-855-326-0000.


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