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No one ever hopes to be introduced to our attorneys. Shaking hands with a wrongful death lawyer means one thing: the negligent act of another has taken something precious from you, forcing you to seek legal assistance. But as painful as the underlying need for our services may be, we make you this solemn promise: By the time your case is complete, you’ll be glad to know us, and you will walk away knowing that litigating wrongful death cases is more to us than just a job. It’s our calling.

And we have applied that philosophy to every one of the hundreds of wrongful death cases we’ve won in our 25 years of practice.

We certainly possess the knowledge, skills, and experience to win your case, but we offer more than simple legal expertise. We offer compassion and understanding. We understand that you want more than just a highly skilled attorney, you want to work with someone who will take the time to get to know you, your family, and the loved one whom you’ve lost. We understand that this is more than just a legal case to you, this is a matter of honoring the life that has been lost by insisting that wrongdoers be made to answer for their negligence. And most importantly, we understand that pursuing a wrongful death case is about far more to you than suing someone for money, and what truly motivates you is the desire to:

  • Find out what happened to your loved one and why it happened.
  • Make sure that the person or company who hurt your relative won’t do it to someone else.
  • Seek the closure that can only be obtained by seeing justice served.

This understanding is what separates us from the other firms out there. There’s no denying it, our firm has won many high-profile cases and has made award-winning recoveries on behalf of our clients on many occasions. But numbers are not why we get out of bed in the morning; putting people first is what we’re all about. So this article is going to focus on what we can do for you.

However, this page is not an overview of the law. To read a detailed, plain-English walkthrough of Texas wrongful death law, visit this page:

Finding Answers

The most common concern we hear from families following the loss of a loved one is that they just don’t know what happened or, more importantly, why it happened. I can think of no better example to illustrate this than the case of Daniel A. Daniel’s family only knew that he was killed in a motor vehicle accident, but they were being kept in the dark by the authorities who investigated the wreck. Desperate for answers, the family called upon our firm, and we met with them for several hours on Christmas Eve. The family explained that they weren’t told what kind of vehicle hit him, how it happened, whether Daniel died at the scene or at the hospital, or who was responsible.

Naturally, the family was frustrated at not being given enough information. We met with them for several hours, getting to know them and finding out what Daniel, and the family entrusted us with their case. All they wanted to know was what happened and why. The reason Daniel’s family hired us is because they knew, no matter what the answers were, our attorneys were going to find them. We launched our own investigation immediately, soon learning that Daniel had been rear-ended by an 18-wheeler driver who was speeding and failed to yield for an emergency vehicle. After probing further into the matter, we learned that the truck driver was also high on illegal drugs at the time of the accident, a fact that the trucking company spent a small fortune trying to cover up. In a time in their life when nobody was giving them answers, it was comforting to Daniel’s family to have someone working for them and not against them.

And that highlights something that most people will never know until they’re in your situation. Virtually everyone believes that when an accident occurs, organizations like the police, OSHA, TxDOT, NTSB, and other agencies exist precisely to help people get answers, but that’s not really true. Those agencies certainly investigate and analyze accidents, but their primary concern is gathering information and reporting it back to their superiors. These organizations have their own prerogatives and priorities, and providing details to grieving families is something they only ever “get around to.”

The overwhelming majority of clients who hire us just want to find out what happened, and they soon find out that with our help you’ll have answers in a matter of days, not months. To those who have never felt that loss and confusion before, the words on this page have no meaning to them. But for those who do know what we’re talking about, it’s incredibly valuable.

Making Sure This Doesn’t Happen To Other Victims

Equally as important as finding answers about your loved one’s accident, we understand the significance of making sure that this accident will not repeat itself in the future. We haven’t met a family who said, “Well, just settle the case for as much money as possible and that’s good enough for us.” Everyone wants to make sure that what happened to their loved one does not happen to everyone else. When you file a wrongful lawsuit, this is accomplished in two ways:

  1. Fear of punishment. This is a powerful motivator because when you file a suit, you’re sending a warning message to all other would-be defendants, saying, “This is what will happen to you if you don’t follow the rules.” The reason most drivers don’t speed and run red lights is because they’re afraid of the consequences, which is an expensive ticket and perhaps the revocation of their license.
  2. Remedial measures. The person (or company) being sued is asked to “remedy” their practices in order to prevent accidents happening in the future. For instance, a driver accused of being drunk behind the wheel will probably have their license taken away and a breathalyzer installed in their car to prevent them from driving drunk again.

To better illustrate that second point, allow us to introduce a case we handled recently. James B. was a factory worker in East Texas who lost his life in a work-related accident. James’ family hired our firm after the company adopted the position that James was solely responsible for his own accident (which was truly preposterous). The family was told that James had been run over by an 18-wheeler truck that was trying to reverse into a loading dock when he haphazardly walked into the truck’s path. After some investigating, we found that:

  1. The loading dock area was so loud that all employees had to wear ear protection. As such, employees couldn’t hear the truck’s back up warning system.
  2. To make it into the loading dock, trucks had to drive in reverse through a drainage area, which meant that if you backed in slowly, you’d get stuck in the valley of the ditch. This, of course, meant that trucks had to build up speed to clear the ditch, so when they came into the loading dock, they were flying.
  3. The driver of the 18-wheeler had no drivers license of any type and was utterly unqualified to drive the vehicle that ran James over.
  4. The driver never used his mirrors.
  5. Witnesses stated that James wasn’t just sauntering aimlessly. Instead, they claimed, that another worker was in the truck’s path and James pushed him out of the way, putting himself in harm’s way in the process.

When we settled this case, some of the terms were that the factory should install visual and auditory sensors to warn employees when trucks were backing up. This new warning system works great. We also saw to it that the factory fix the steep incline so big trucks could back up to the loading dock at a safe speed, and we had them revise their policies regarding who gets to drive vehicles on their property. To this date, there haven’t been any accidents like James’ at that factory, and that was as important to James’ family and it was important to us.

Getting Closure for Your Loss and Making Sure Justice is Done

These two subjects go hand in hand. It is virtually impossible for grieving families to find the closure they need knowing that the party responsible for their suffering is never held accountable. Fortunately, in Texas, our lawmakers and judges understand that human life is precious and that families deserve justice, and this is reflected in our state’s laws. A lot of other states don’t put much value on the family’s suffering when they lose a loved one, but Texas does. No matter the financial outcome, our clients benefit most from the feeling that justice was done.

We Have Experience With the Following Types of Wrongful Death Cases

Our firm doesn’t do tax law, family law, oil and gas law, etc. We do personal injury law and wrongful death law, period. By limiting the scope of our firm’s practice, we have been able to cultivate a high degree of skill and expertise in those areas. We feel like it’s a better to be masters of those areas than try to merely dabble in many of different areas of the law. Nevertheless, there are a lot of different types wrongful deaths cases, and we’ve handled just about every type of fact pattern you can imagine.

We’ve handled:

We’re here for you

We know how important it is to choose the right attorney. This is likely the greatest legal challenge you’ll ever face and it’s during an incredibly difficult time for you and your family. That’s something we don’t take lightly. When clients entrust us with their case, we treat them like family. We’re compassionate, understanding, respectful, and hyper-vigilant about making sure the responsible party is brought to justice.

As we’ve mentioned, we helped literally hundreds of families over the past 25 years. That means that those families have trusted us and it paid off. If you’re interested in learning more about our firm, click around on our website and you’ll get a feel for what kind of law firm we are and what we’re passionate about. Or, give us a call (toll-free) at 1-855-326-0000 and we’ll talk about whether you have a case and if Grossman Law Offices can help your family get answers.

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