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If you have a personal injury case in San Antonio (Bexar County), our personal injury attorneys think there are a few things you should know:

San Antonio is a one-of-a-kind city. From its awesome music and foodie scene, to its growing job market, to its championship-winning Spurs team, and, finally, to its busy and vibrant nightlife on the River Walk, many could say that Dallas/Fort Worth or even Austin simply cannot compare. So many people are glad to call San Antonio home.

As with all things though, there can be cons to the pros. For instance, some tourists may abuse the River Walk’s offerings and get too rowdy while on vacation, some folks may get behind the wheel in this heavy-traffic area while obviously intoxicated beyond the legal limit, and even some Spurs rival fans may react dangerously if their team has a bad night. The price we pay for having such a unique city is that it can have its accidents too.

Grossman Law Offices has been practicing here for 25 years now, and we’ve seen a lot of these things happen to our clients, our neighbors, and to our own families. We recognize that there are some specific legal needs created by this town and we’ve shaped our San Antonio case load to accommodate these legal needs, which starts with limiting our docket in order to provide one-on-one service; something San Antonio clients. Further, we it is our philosophy that by doing well for you in your case, we can help discourage future injurious behavior in the future. In this article, we’d like to talk about those topics in more detail.

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Our Case Load Says Something About Our Firm

We know that our case load could be considered very different from other firms in town. We are not a “volume” operation. We know that having lots of cases can delay your (our client’s) legal process and can keep us behind the game every time we go to court, so we keep our caseload in check by design. The sad reality is that so many firms practice like an assembly line, mulling through hundreds of case at a time only to take easy settlements. But we’ve always thought, “Why would a law firm take on a lot of clients if they know that they can’t keep their promises to all of them?” Firms are setting themselves and their clients up for failure when they do this, so, naturally, we don’t do this. We treat you like a client, not like a number.

When a man lost his life in a Midland, TX truck accident, his family hired us to bring the responsible parties to justice.Read more about this case >

How do our attorneys help prevent personal injury cases from happening again?

Our primary focus is helping you by maximizing the value of your case through proven legal strategy and a focus on client communication (keeping you in the loop). All that to say, our main focus is providing the best legal representation to you that we possibly can. But, we also know personal injury lawsuits we file can have a ripple effect.

This means that when we take a case forward to court and fight for our clients, it sends a message to all other negligent parties that says, “If you hurt someone, we’ll come after you.” So, in addition to helping you with your individual case, a secondary goal to help ensure that your type injury or accident is less likely to happen as a whole, and is sure the heck not likely to occur at the hands of the same negligent person who hurt you. A slap on the wrist for a defendant’s dangerous behavior is not as effective as say a lawsuit with serious consequences would be.

We know the legal system is built upon values of equality, fairness, and justice. It seems like a no-brainer then that the court systems would be used to prevent bad acts from happening again, teaching the wrongdoer that there is punishment for harmful actions–his act has a ripple effect while also getting our client justice in the process. Sounds like a win-win to me.

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Michael Grossman – San Antonio’s Personal Injury Attorney

Our aim here is pretty simple. To help you, the client, get back to regular life. Lawsuits for injury claims exist to facilitate precisely that by providing you with a tool to get back what has been taken from you. Whenever someone incurs medical bills, can’t work because of an injury, is permanently impaired (such as a limp or a scar), or experiences pain and suffering, an injury claim is the best way to hold the person or business responsible for these losses accountable. The way we help is by utilizing Texas law and our skills in the courtroom to recover compensation for what you’ve lost.

If you’re ready to get started on your case, call our office to get your questions answered. If you have a case, we’ll tell you. San Antonio personal injury attorney Michael Grossman can be reached at (210) 399-2437. Call us 24/7 for help, advice, or just someone to talk to about your possible case.

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