Accidents On A Property Are Serious Matters. We Know How To Pursue Your Case

When you or somebody you know is hurt or killed on a property, the property owner could be at fault for any number of reasons. While most are quick to blame the accident on the situational awareness of the victim, we know that is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain a safe premises for visitors.

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Ultimately, a property owner is in control of the dangers on the premises.

The owner of a property, be it a house, business, retail store, apartment complex, or a plot of land is responsible for minimizing dangerous hazards that visitors may not be aware of. They have a responsibility to protect visitors from things like pits or trenches that can be fallen into, dangerous machinery, incomplete or shoddy construction, and attractive nuisances to children like pools. Victims do not have control over where dangers lie on somebody’s property. They are not psychic, and some of these dangers are very hard to spot.

We know how to pursue claims against:

Wherever your accident happened, we have experience pursuing claims somewhere like it.

Companies big and small have been found responsible for accidents on their property. We don’t get intimidated by taking on cases big or small.

People are hurt on property owned by companies of all sizes. From an accident on a small farm, to accidents at places like Costco, Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, Sea World, and Target have faced claims for accidents that happened on their property, to name a few. When making a claim against companies large and small, we don’t factor in the size of the corporation, because frankly it has no bearing on the degree of responsibility they have in an accident.

We’ve handled big companies, and we aren’t afraid of them, or the nearly unlimited resources they wield in defending themselves against claims. You shouldn’t be afraid of asking for compensation after an accident, but we understand it is hard. You need to realize that you’re not asking for a handout, you’re seeking repair, and there is a vast difference between the two.

If you were hurt on a property, you’ve got the right to seek compensation.

We’ve all heard the myth of the slip-and-fall scam artists, and this myth has spurned a negative outlook of all premises liability cases. We don’t operate on assumptions, we operate on facts. No opinions, no hunches, no doubt or judgment. We work to make victims as whole as possible by pursuing the responsible party, nothing more, nothing less. Call us so we can start on getting back what you lost. Let it be our job. 1-855-326-0000.

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