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Laredo Personal Injury Attorney Michael Grossman

In Laredo, there’s tons of truck traffic and lots of commerce going across the border. In fact, the city is the largest inland port of entry to the United States. With the amount of traffic flowing through the city, accidents may seem like a sad inevitability, but many are caused by a person or businesses’ negligence.

For more than 25 years, Laredo personal injury attorney Michael Grossman has been fighting for those who have been injured due to another’s negligence. There’s no other firm in the city that can match our track record and depth of experience in various areas of personal injury law.

Whether you’ve been injured on the road, at work, or because of a bar’s negligent alcohol service, Laredo personal injury attorney Michael Grossman and the attorneys at Grossman Law Offices can help you get the compensation you need to help you recover from you injuries

Questions answered on this page:

  • Why do I need a lawyer to get compensation?
  • What obstacles does my lawsuit face?
  • What kinds of accidents lead to personal injury lawsuits?

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Many people are somewhat skeptical of pursuing a lawsuit. They may think that it makes them litigious or a bad person to file a lawsuit, even against someone who has injured them.

The fact of the matter is that lawsuits are a fundamental constitutional right, enshrined in the 7th Amendment of the Bill of Rights.

Theory aside, there are practical reasons for seeking compensation for your injuries. The biggest reason is fairness. If someone steals our property, we don’t hesitate to call the police to get it back. We intuitively know that what we own is ours and people cannot just come along and take it.

A similar rationale underlies every personal injury lawsuit. The most important things in your life, your health and your financial well-being are taken due to someone else’s negligence. This person or business is effectively robbing you of a portion of your life far more precious than any object.

Many people in these situations feel instinctively that they have been wronged and will attempt to contact the police. They will of course be frustrated because that is not what the police are designed to do, nor would it be fair if they could force the person who wronged you to pay for the damage they caused without the due process of law.

Laredo personal injury attorney Michael Grossman

Instead, personal injury lawyers are a lot like the police of the civil legal system. This is because the law doesn’t actually compel anyone to pay for your injuries, no matter how much their actions contributed to your damages. While there are still a few good souls out there who will do the right thing when they’ve hurt someone, the most common reaction when a person or business comes face to face with an unpleasant reality is denial.

This doesn’t mean that people are necessarily bad, just that we are hard-wired to view life in a way that is most favorable to our actions. The only way to force the person who injured you to pay compensation is to pursue a personal injury lawsuit and win in court.

This does not mean that you will have to go to trial to get compensation, just that you have to be prepared to and gather evidence as if you were going to trial. The key to winning at trial is evidence and the evidence you gather during this pursuit often has a sobering effect on negligent parties. It snaps them out of their denial and makes them far more likely to offer fair compensation.

Of course, the key to this strategy is to retain the services of a Laredo personal injury attorney who knows this complex process inside and out and is able to put that knowledge to use on your behalf, like the attorneys at Grossman Law Offices.

For those who have suffered an injury through someone else’s carelessness, the law does not force them to bear the financial and medical burden of an accident alone. Pursuing compensation via a lawsuit is not about being a litigious person, it is about using the rules and systems that we have established as a civilization to get justice.

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Overcoming Obstacles to Compensation

Sadly, the media tends to portray personal injury attorneys as “shakedown artists.” In this alternate universe, attorneys are there to “pin the blame on whichever innocent party has the deepest pockets.” While their are certainly bad attorneys out there, most personal injury attorneys provide a valuable service to the injured.

The legal system can be complex, like real estate or medicine. No one suggests that when you’re buying or selling a house that you do it yourself. Only an insane person would suggest that you undertake your own surgery, yet many people think that people should handle their own legal case. We find this advice to be a short-sighted as those who would recommend that you avoid real estate agents or doctors.

This is because there are many obstacles to successfully recovering compensation. While Hollywood may make a lot of money by portraying court proceedings as places where two sides walk in and tell their side of the story, they leave our the vast majority of what a lawyer actually does.

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As we mentioned before, getting compensation is not just about identifying the person who caused your injuries, but gathering evidence to prove their guilt. Obtaining that evidence and preserving it in a way that will allow it to be admitted in court is one of the biggest obstacles most people face when trying to obtain compensation for their injuries.

That is why Laredo personal injury attorney Michael Grossman begins every case that he takes on with a thorough, professional investigation. Certainly, many people are capable of gathering some evidence on their own and their input is invaluable, but professional investigators bring years of experience and knowledge of where to look for evidence that most people would never even think to look for. The result is a case built on a much more formidable foundation of strong evidence.

This evidence is useful for overcoming the resistance of most negligent people, businesses, and their insurers. In our experience, while their are a fair number of truly awful people out there, the vast majority of folks will admit that they did something wrong when they are confronted with a mountain of evidence that shows their guilt. There are numerous instances we have seen where a person swore that they were as right as the day is long, but when faced with evidence of their wrong-doing changed their tune and offered fair compensation to their victims.

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For those that don’t see the light, like insurance companies, the specter of losing at trial and being at the mercy of whatever a jury decides they have to pay does not sit well with them and they will also seek to negotiate a settlement.

There are not a lot of instances where a lawsuit cannot be resolved before trial, but in cases where it cannot, you have the biggest obstacle of all to collecting compensation, convincing a jury of your fellow citizens.

Juries are naturally skeptical of personal injury claims. Jurors are on the look-out for people who are trying to get something for nothing. While evidence can be very powerful in showing the justness of your injuries and the need for compensation, it does not have a voice until your attorney brings it to life in the courtroom.

The ability to convince a jury is not something that every lawyer possesses. There are countless amazing attorneys, who do great work, but fall flat in front of a jury. That is why it is imperative to select an attorney with a long history of winning in front of juries, an attorney like Laredo personal injury attorney Michael Grossman.

The attorneys at Grossman Law Offices never lose sight of why we are overcoming all of these obstacles, which is to get the compensation our clients desperately need in order to put their lives back together after tragedy strikes.

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Different Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury law has many sub-areas. These are to personal injury law what the states are to the United States. Just as individual states can be quite different, with their own quirks and local knowledge, the same situation exists among the different branches of personal injury law (which is already a subset of civil law).

To take just one area of the law, dram shop law, this specific area is very detail oriented. There are many steps that have to be followed in a dram shop case to show liability. What does all of this mean for an injured person? It means that when choosing an attorney it is important to know that they have experience, not just in personal injury law, but in the area of personal injury law that will govern your case.

While the vast majority of lawyers will not sign up clients when they are not familiar with an area of the law, unscrupulous attorneys will see these cases as an opportunity to pocket quick attorney’s fees. They will reckon that they can get a quick settlement offer, or learn the area of the law on the fly. This almost always has disastrous results for the clients, who either have to take less in compensation than they would have otherwise received or have their case ruined altogether.

At Grossman Law Offices, we have wide-ranging experience in many aspects of personal injury law. We’ve been able to gain that valuable experience by focusing soley on personal injury. We don’t do family law, or contracts, or anything like that. Here are just a few of the areas where we can provide assistance:

There are other niche areas of personal injury law that we also handle, but are too numerous to list. One thing that you can be certain of is that if our attorneys do not feel we can give you the representation you need in your personal injury case, we will let you know up front and assist you in locating an attorney who can better fulfill your needs.

For the Laredo personal injury attorneys at Grossman Law Offices, we are in business to help clients, not the other way around. Part of what has made us successful for over a quarter of a century is that we are humble enough to admit when we are not the best choice for a particular case, while aggressively pursuing cases that are in our wheelhouse. Many firms say that they offer no-risk, free consultations, but if they’re going to sign your case up whether they can successfully pursue it or not, you’re taking a huge risk by contacting them.

Need some advice? Our attorneys are available to talk 24/7, completely free of charge. Type in your number, click "call me", and we'll be on the phone in no time.
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Lawyers for Laredo

For over 25 years, Laredo personal injury attorney Michael Grossman and his firm have helped literally thousands of injured victims in Laredo and throughout Texas. During that time we have developed a winning strategy for getting injured victims the compensation that they and their families desperately need. We’re so confident in our abilities that we never charge a client a cent unless we recover for them.

We know that the most important thing remains whether or not we can help you in your situation. You don’t have to wait to find out. Call us 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a free consultation at (956) 790-8957. Remember, we’re here in your city when you need us, whenever you need us. Get started on the path to recovery.

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