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Houston Personal Injury Attorney Michael Grossman

Many folks are well aware that Houston is the largest city in Texas. Its dynamic, growing economy and cultural life means that their always something to do or enjoy when you’re living in H-Town.

While many of the businesses that power the economic dynamo that is Houston are run by honest people who care about their employees and their customers, their are many bad actors whose reckless behavior results in injuries. While many people will dismiss such talk as a fiction, conjured by personal injury attorneys, the fact of the matter is that many businesses seek to gain an edge on the competition in this hyper-competitive climate by cutting corners when it comes to safety.

Not only does this corner-cutting injure, maim, and kill workers and consumers, but unchecked, it allows bad actors to flourish at the expense of honest businessmen. Seen in this light, personal injury lawsuits are not merely about getting injured victims the compensation they need, but a tool which makes sure that everyone is playing by the same rules.

Of course, the most important part of any personal injury claim is making sure that injury victims get the compensation the law entitles them to. That is why for over 25 years, award-winning Houston personal injury attorney Michael Grossman has been fighting for the victims of other people’s negligence. In this article, he explains how personal injury cases work and the reasons thousands of injured Texans have chosen Grossman Law Offices in their time of need.

Questions answered on this page:

  • What are the steps of a personal injury lawsuit?
  • What is the key to a successful lawsuit?
  • How does a personal injury lawyer put clients first?

What are the steps in a personal injury lawsuit?

While many injury victims have a fairly decent idea of what lawsuits are in general, the process of actually going through a lawsuit is unknown to most. This uncertainty can lead to fear, anxiety, and a general reluctance to hold wrong-doers accountable.

The actual process of pursuing a lawsuit is nothing to be afraid of. In fact, lawsuits can be reduced to four simple steps. They are:
Houston Personal Injury Attorney Michael Grossman


Most people mistakenly assume that a personal injury lawsuit begins when you file suit. Technically speaking, this view is correct. However, the key to proving that someone else’s negligence caused your injuries and that you deserve compensation is evidence. While we are a culture raised on Hollywood court room theatrics, the loudest voice in any trial belongs to the evidence.

To that end, the first thing Grossman Law Offices does when we take on a client is to begin a thorough, professional investigation. The sooner this begins the better, because evidence tends to degrade, get lost, or disappear as time passes. Once we feel that we have sufficient grounds to proceed, only then, will our attorneys file suit.

This phase of the lawsuit not only lays the foundation for everything to follow, but in many instances it can provide an unbiased account of what actually led to an accident. This knowledge of what led to your injuries, or those of a loved one, often gives victims some measure of peace of mind.


Most people are surprised when learn that well over 90% of all lawsuits never reach a courtroom. Why do so many cases not make it to trial? The answer is that many times, once an investigation is completed, the liability of the negligent party is beyond doubt. No one likes to fight a losing battle and negligent people are the same way.

When confronted with solid, irrefutable evidence, most liable parties will offer fair compensation to their victims, which is what pursuing litigation is all about.

If they do not, your personal injury lawyers, armed with subpoena power, are now free to question the alleged wrong-doers under oath. This is a powerful tool, since the only way you can end up going to jail in a personal injury trial is if you lie under oath. Additionally, surveillance records, business records, and company polices can all be subpoenaed. This reinforces the evidence that was gathered during pre-trial. If a reasonable settlement is not reached by this point, the case will proceed to the next phase.

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While technically one could consider mediation to be a part of the litigation phase, our attorneys treat it differently, because it represents the first time an outside observer will scrutinize the overall strength of your case.

Mediation is generally mandated by the court, in an effort to reduce the number of cases that actually make it to court. Mediation takes place at a private office and consists of a meeting between both sides in the dispute and a mediator, usually a retired judge or lawyer familiar with the particular area of the law.

The disputing parties are kept in separate rooms and the mediator reviews the evidence and arguments of each side in turn. While the mediator does not reveal the substance of either side’s case, they do offer their expert opinions about the strengths and weaknesses of each case. This affords each side more motivation to find a common ground and reach a settlement.

It’s one thing for the personal injury attorneys at Grossman Law Offices to tell a defendant that they have no chance and should pay our clients, it is a more sobering wake-up call when they hear the same thing from an outside observing with no stake in the case.

For this reason, many times mediation leads to a settlement of a case, or at the very least, lays the groundwork for a settlement. If no agreement is reached, then the case continues.


Fewer than 10% of all personal injury cases ever make it to trial. This is the part of a personal injury lawsuit that people seem to know the most about.

In rare instances, cases go to trial because neither side has a clear advantage and they believe it is best to just let a jury sort it out. Other reasons that cases make it this far include stubbornness by one party or the other. They figure that if they’re going to lose, they may as well go down swinging.

From a victim’s standpoint, perhaps the most troubling reason that a case would go to trial is that the defendant’s attorney believes that your attorney can’t win in a courtroom. There are plenty of excellent attorneys out there who do really well in the first three phases of litigation, but when they get in front of jury, they’re a disaster. This is not to criticize them or suggest that they are bad attorneys, but the simple fact of the matter is that not every attorney has what it takes to get in front of a jury and win.

This can often be a problem for less experienced attorneys and law firms. Even if they are capable inside the courtroom, until they’ve proven they can win, defense attorneys are more than happy to roll the dice.

These situations are unfortunate for injured victims, because it can appear like their needs are taking a back seat to the gamesmanship of attorneys. One way for injury victims to avoid this problem is to make sure that they hire an attorney who wins both inside and outside the courtroom.

Many people are hesitant to ask attorneys about their courtroom record, but when looking to hire someone to represent you in what will likely be the biggest legal case of your life, we believe that attorneys have to a duty to be honest and up front about their courtroom successes and failures.

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The keys to a successful lawsuit

The nuts and bolts of a lawsuit are just one component of winning compensation for victims. The real key to victory is forging a successful team between the injured victim and their lawyer.

That is why at Grossman Law Offices we never lose sight of the fact that our firm exists to serve injured victims. Every lawsuit is a partnership: The injured are a senior partnership, since their injury and need for compensation is the most important part of the case and lawyers have the legal knowledge necessary to see the case through to fruition.

Unlike many other law firms, Grossman Law Offices understands that people don’t get injured to provide us with a living, instead we provide a service helping people get the compensation they need to put their lives back together after an accident.

That is why we gear our practice to focus on clients. We do this in several ways. The first is that it doesn’t do you any good to have a lawyer that you can’t get a hold of. Sadly, many law offices keep “banker’s hours,” which means that it can be difficult for most working people to get a hold of their attorney when they need to. That is why Grossman Law Offices answers the phone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. When our clients have a question, they have every right to get that question answered. Instead the only answers that many law firms give their clients are answering machines.

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Secondly, we believe that our job is to make complex legal concepts understandable to people who aren’t familiar with how the law works. We put this principle into practice with our single page contract. When you hire most lawyers, they send out a contract that is as long and complex as mortgage paperwork. Truthfully, you’d need another lawyer to tell what the contract actually says. Instead, our one page contract basically says that “you’ve hired us, you can fire us, and here’s what we charge.” Every other person working in this country knows that there is really no such thing as job security if you do not perform, you get let go. Why should lawyers be any different?

Lastly, lawyers who don’t put their clients first often end up pressuring their clients to settle, so their attorneys can get paid. Here’s how those lawyers operate. Suppose you’re in a terrible truck accident and you suffer $1 million dollars worth of damages. The trucking company is clearly in the wrong and your attorney has the evidence to prove it.

In these cases, trucking companies will often attempt an initial low-ball offer. For arguments sake let’s say they offer $300,000. This comes nowhere near covering your medical bills and the lost future earnings you’ve sustained due to your injuries. However, your attorney knows that they get paid as soon as your case settles. Sure they might get more money if they fight the case for a year or eighteen months, but if they settle now, they can sign up more cases, settle them quickly and make just as much money. You might lose out, but that’s your problem in their eyes. So they start pressuring you to settle and they keep pressuring you to settle. They tell you that you’ll get nothing if you go to trial, because something is better than nothing.

At Grossman Law Offices, we never pressure our clients to settle their cases for ridiculously low offers. Part of working for your interests is that you make the big decisions, not your attorneys.

In the end, the combination of investigative skill, legal acumen, and a solid partnership between the injury victim and their attorney is a winning combination that maximizes compensation.

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Areas of Practice

Part of how Grossman Law Offices provides high-quality, professional legal counsel comes from knowing what we do well. There are many law firms that will claim to handle an area of the law and have little experience. They’ll sign up a case and figure they can bluff their way to a settlement or learn the law on the fly. This almost always has disastrous consequences for injury victims.

At Grossman Law Offices, we welcome all inquiries. It is often not readily apparent which part of the law applies to a given situation. If it is something we can help you with, we are more than willing to take on your case and fight for you. However, if the law governing your case falls outside the areas of the law we deal in, we will tell you so and help you to find an attorney better suited for your case.

Our areas of focus include:

There are also more specific subsets of the law we feel comfortable handling, which would be too numerous to list.

When an out-of-spec apartment balcony railing caused a toddler to fall three stories and suffer a brain injury, his parents turned to Grossman Law Offices for help.Hear more about this case >

Call us today and we’ll get started on your case.

For over 25 years, people have turned to Grossman Law Offices when they have been injured and need to recover compensation. In that time, our attorneys have helped literally thousands of people, in Houston and throughout Texas.

Our integrity, legal skill, and clients services mean that you never have anything to lose by calling Grossman Law Offices at (713) 960-4309. We answer the phone anytime, day or night and we never charge our clients a penny unless we win. If you’ve been injured, pick up the phone and call Houston personal injury attorney Michael Grossman today.

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