Why Does it Take so Long to get a Police Report on a Car Accident?

Almost everyone has been involved in a car accident at least once in their lifetime, whether it was as a driver or as a passenger, we have been trained to call the police and for them to come to the scene of the accident and fill out an accident report (AKA police report). But what do these reports say? What is their effect on the outcome of the accident? We’ll answer these question & more in this blog post.

A police report of a traffic accident is relatively a simple procedure and document. It contains the names and insurance information of all the drivers involved, as well as a description of the vehicles. It contains a general description of what occurred by the accounts of all the drivers and passengers, where the passengers were located at the time of the accident, the names and contact information of all witnesses.

One of the reasons that it is important to ensure the accuracy of all the reports is that the police reports are often the only means of getting the information from the accident. Police officers generally have up to ten days to file the police report after the accident. By this time, if any information was incorrect, the officer would unlikely remember and it would be difficult for you to convince the insurance company that the report is inaccurate. The important thing to remember about police reports is that they are not determinative and they can be overcome by a good personal injury attorney.

To obtain your police report, all you have to do is go to the police station and request the report, this usually costs around $6.00 depending on the county. You can even obtain these from the city’s website in some areas. You will likely have to wait 2-15 days to gain access to the police report (again, depending on the county). Generally the busier & larger the county, the longer the wait (for example a police report in Dallas County generally takes longer to obtain than a police report in Smith County).

If an accident report is incorrect or makes you look more at fault than what you really are, it is not the end of the world. Police reports can be discredited for a variety of reasons, but this is almost impossible to do by yourself. You will almost certainly need the assistance of counsel to have any chance at having the police report thrown out. Grossman Law Offices have been practicing personal injury law for 24 years. We are experienced in all areas of personal injury law and are able to help you get through this difficult time. Call 1-855-326-0000 for your free consultation.


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